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Mayor applauds urban regeneration conference


Speaking at the Cape Town Partnership’s 10th Anniversary conference on Public-Private Partnerships for Urban Regeneration, Executive Mayor Dan Plato noted that forums such as these “were vital in providing advice” to government.

Referring in particular to the housing crisis in the Western Cape, he said: “We are dealing with an influx of between 18- to 20 000 people into this region annually, and yet our current housing model only delivers 8 000 houses per annum.

“Conferences such as these, that look to the examples of cities such as Barcelona and their concept of urban densification, make us realise that in South Africa we do not yet understand what densification means. No adequate blueprint yet exists in this region to deal with our housing crisis. I believe if we do not begin to follow international best practice, we will continue to face the same problems. We need to understand what the optimal use would be of a hectare of land.”

Commenting on the work done by the Cape Town Partnership, Mayor Plato stressed: “The City of Cape Town was proud to be associated with an organisation such as this. This is a real public-private partnership that is working, and we look forward to the outcomes of this conference and to sitting down with the Partnership afterwards to continue discussions.”

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