Give Responsibly


Cape Town’s Central City Improvement District is to launch a campaign aimed at linking city hotels with local hospitals and clinics to ensure that their old linen and other items are offered to the health care facilities before being discarded.

The campaign, known as the Give Responsibly campaign, will take place from 7 to 11 December. Hotels and other members of the community will be urged to donate linen, clothing electronics and foodstuffs to the health care facilities. Also needed is financial and other assistance with healthcare promotions.

CCID social development manager Pat Eddy said this week the health facilities targeted for help are Booth Memorial, the Green Point Community Clinic, Chapel Street Clinic, Robbie Nurock in Buitenkant Street and the Somerset Hospital in Greenpoint.

“We will target at least ten hotels in the city – including the Cape Sun, the Westin Grand and the Grand Daddy – as well as the two new hotels, the Taj and 15 on Orange, with a view to setting up this partnership,’’ Eddy said.

“There are so many smart hotels in Cape Town and there many needy health facilities. When their towels are not so fluffy or their sheets not so crisp, we know they will be replaced by the hotels. Similarly with other items such as television sets and other electronic equipment. Rather than discard them, we are asking for them to be donated to our hospitals and clinics. We are saying, let’s team up so that everyone can benefit.’’

Eddy said the CCID hopes to set up sustainable partnerships to provide the health care facilities with old equipment, food and other items of linen, including towels, face cloths, sheets and blankets. She said public health care facilities are under more financial pressure than ever at present. “Hand me downs’’ will be welcomed with open arms, she added.

A further need, she said, is for any items that would assist to make the queuing process in health care facilities a more pleasant experience.

“We welcome any magazines, television sets or other items that can be used in hospital or clinic waiting rooms, with a view to making them into more welcoming spaces where people can wait for medical attention,’’ she said.

Eddy visited all the targeted health-care facilities to establish their needs. Anyone who would like to contribute can see the list of items on the CCID’s website.

Contact Pat at 021 419 1881 or email her at

Tasso Evangelinos, chief operations officer for the CCID, said the day clinics and hospitals have been the backbone of the community in the City Bowl and the Atlantic Sea Board for many years.

“They have offered a fantastic service, often falling below the radar. It’s high time we raised their profile to show them that we are thankful for their work,’’ he said.

“We are hoping that the public and corporate will join hands in supporting these valuable facilities.’’

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