Cape Town Fifa Fan Fest: It's Everyone's Game, Tuesday 29 June


Catch the mounting excitement of the soccer from 13h00 at the FIFA Fan Fest on the Grand Parade on Tuesday, 29 June.At 14h45 a collaborative effort between DJs Blaxtar and Dennis from the Netherlands and Zonke, Zulu Boy and Jitsvinger from South Africa aims to get a festive spirit going.

Paraguay will meet Japan in their quarter final match Pretoria at 16h00. At 18h00 talented hip hop artist K’Naan will take to the stage, followed by Afro-jazz musician Junior Kissangwa at 19h15.  DJ 3HCL will bring the evening to a close at 23h00.

At 20h30 all those without tickets for the big clash between Spain and Portugal at the Cape Town stadium can still feel the spirit by watching the match live, on the big screen.


Growing up in Mogadishu, Somalia, K’naan’s formative years were spent listening to the hip hop albums sent to him by his poet father, who was living in America at the time.

When war broke out in 1991, their lives changed.  At 13, K’naan left Somalia for America with his mother and three siblings.  They lived briefly in Harlem before heading to Toronto, Ontario, where his family still lives. Prophetically, his Muslim name means traveller in Somali.

In his adopted country, K’naan set about learning English, which he could not speak.  He taught himself hip hop and rap diction, copying the lyrics and style phonetically.  Soon he began rapping himself.

JUNIOR Kissangwa

Talented Cape Town-based Kissangwa originates from Congo.  His accomplishments range from vocals, drumming, guitar, percussion, to composing and producing. Fluent in many languages, Junior specialises in a unique style of jazz and African influenced music with lyrics in a combination of Lingala, French and English.

13h00                    Fan Fest opens
14h45                    Skop Gat
16h00                    Pretoria quarter final match – Paraguay vs Japan
18h00                    K’Naan
19h15                    Junior Kissangwa
20h30                    Cape Town quarter final match – Spain vs Portugal
Till 23h00              DJ 3HCL

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