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MyCiTi Inner City Loop Service Ends for Now, but Airport Service Continues


After a successful 2010 FIFA World Cup™ event service the City of Cape Town will end the MyCiTi inner city loop this weekend and re-launch an improved inner city public transport route later this year. The inner city loop service, operating in the City Bowl, formed part of the World Cup Service and was a key element of the Mother City’s FIFA Host City requirements. While the inner city loop comes to an end on Friday 16 July the airport link is unaffected and will continue to operate.

From 17 July the airport service will operate from 04:20 to 22:00 at 20 min intervals. Special shuttle services between the city centre and the Cape Town Stadium will continue for large events at the stadium.

“Operating an event-based bus service has been a good learning experience for the City. We will implement these lessons in our public transport service and further fine-tune the inner city route when we launch it later this year. Our focus must shift now from organising an event transport service, to launching the first steps of our Public Transport Service,” said Cllr Elizabeth Thompson, Mayoral Committee Member for Transport, Roads and Major Projects.

The inner city loop service, implemented during the World Cup peak period, was designed as an event service around the Fan Fest, fan walk, event road closures and tourist destinations, to augment the existing inner city public transport services and support the World Cup. The fare was set at R8 to avoid competition or conflict with existing public transport services who charge lower fares (R5). This service was not designed for and does not adequately meet normal (post-World Cup period) commuter or other trip purposes.

The City is planning to run an initial more suitable inner city service along routes covering the necessary destinations, that align with future IRT inner city routings, minimally impacts on existing services and is more affordable in the last quarter of 2010.

According to Cllr Thompson, the buses have given the people of Cape Town and its visitors a taste of things to come. As part of the first phase of the permanent MyCiTi service, several permanent routes will make their way around Cape Town, starting with a trunk route on the R27. The MyCiTi/IRT service will eventually be extended across the city, with the full range of inner city feeders launched in October 2011.

As of 13 July 2010, MyCiTi buses had transported over 12 000 passengers between the airport and the Civic Centre, shuttled over 135 000 passengers to and from Hertzog Boulevard Station and Cape Town Stadium station on the eight match days, and transported over 13 000 people on the inner city loop.

The City used this initial part of the service to test routing options and received extensive feedback on ways to improve the system. This includes adapting the routes, increasing the frequency of the bus service as well as signage being made more visible. The focus will be on meeting the needs of people that live and work in the city, businesses and the broader community including tourists who stay at hotels in the city, whereas during the World Cup the focus fell on catering for tourists.

“We would like to thank all Capetonians who used our inner-city service during the World Cup and for all of your feedback. Your input will inform our work going forward,” said Cllr Thompson.

More information is available from the MyCiTi website: or from the City’s toll-free Transport Information Centre on 0800 65 64 63. Single ride tickets cost R50 on the airport route. Tickets can be bought from the stations at the Civic Centre and the airport. E-mail enquiries can be directed to

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