Unique Arm Warmers Have Taken the World By Storm


They’re everywhere! The arm warmers created in the colours of national flags are popping up everywhere. Not only have fans from across the globe taken to them, but they have been spotted in various photographs and other footage of the 2010 FIFA World Cup on several occasions.Casey Augoustides, director of Mike’s Sports in Bree Street said this week that his store has distributed hundreds of thousands of pairs of the unique arm warmers.

“Orders keep flooding in and the demand has not slowed down at all,” he said.

Mike’s Sports, together with a local manufacturer, came up with the new trend in soccer kit – and they have been flying out of the store ever since.

The one-size-fits-all arm warmers, which are made out of a warm, stretchy material, are designed to be worn with an official FIFA top, a country supporter top, or even with a plain T-shirt.

Augoustides believes the product is a world first. “As I predicted, they have become an absolute craze countrywide – and internationally. They have taken off like wildfire.”

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