Cape Town Tourism Converts Soccer Fans into Cape Town Fans through Social Networking


Cape Town Tourism’s ‘I ♥ Cape Town’ Facebook Fan Page is demonstrating the power of social networking, after hitting the 100 000 fans mark in just one year. The Fan Page has also proven itself an invaluable tool in converting online ‘Soccer Fans’ into ‘Cape Town Fans’ during the 2010 FIFA World Cup™, as nearly half the Fan Page’s new followers signed on in the last three months; the page grew by 40 000 fans between May and July 2010. It was up by 28 000 fans during the month-long tournament period and a further 12 000 fans have signed up since the end of the FIFA World Cup™ in mid-July.

Using an integrated social networking and information sharing marketing strategy, Cape Town Tourism has drastically increased their visitor database numbers over the past few months, and particularly during the 2010 FIFA World Cup™. With the use of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and RSS Feeds, Cape Town Tourism is constantly engaging with lovers of Cape Town (and possible future visitors too) by keeping them up to date with the latest Cape Town news, views, specials and more.

“It is well documented that the tourism and travel playing fields are rapidly shifting to online,” says Cape Town Tourism CEO, Mariette du-Toit Helmbold; “It’s the fastest, most direct way to gather information, search for the best deals, book trips, and read about other people’s travel experiences on citizen journalist sites such as”.

A 2009 World Travel Trends Report found that travel trips being booked online are rising by about 15% per year. The number of people gathering information about holiday trips online is also rising, and traditional travel agencies continue to lose clientele in favour of online intermediaries.

In 2000, it was found that 35% of leisure travelers used the Internet to plan their vacation but only 19% made an online reservation whilst in 2007, 66% of leisure travellers were found to research trips online and 57% had made online bookings, with this number increasing yearly.

“ The ‘I ♥ Cape Town’ Facebook Fan Page is now part of the Cape Town brand – a part that is owned by those who identify with it; from near and far,” says Du Toit-Helmbold, “We are proud to have attracted such a strong, passionate community and we will strive to keep them entertained and informed.”

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