Creative Cape Town Annual 2010 Launch


The Creative Cape Town Annual 2010 was launched today during Creative Week Cape Town at the new design café, Field Office, in the East City.The Creative Cape Town Annual is a snapshot of creative and knowledge economy in Cape Town and serves to inform, inspire and advocate for the sector’s needs. Expertly researched, filled with essays and interviews, the Annual is a visual feast with exceptional photography and layout.  The 2010 edition takes on a World Design Capital 2014 theme as Cape Town bids for this prestigious title.

The edition looks at the infrastructure legacy of the World Cup and its potential impact on the bid for World Design Capital title. It examines the city’s history, its strengths and weaknesses and puts forward the case for the bid which is due to be lodged in February 2011. The bid approach is rooted in the city’s special historical, geographic and cultural context. 

The Annual proposes the sustainability, socio-economic redress, and the knowledge and creative economy form the backbone of the city’s future.  It draws on a number of designers and innovators who are creating products and processes to make the city better. 

The ideas of influential thinkers in the city including Andrew Boraine, Edgar Pieterse, and Mark Swilling are brought into conversation with examples of good design in the city. 

The motif of a (re) connected city is illustrated by drawing on the integrated rapid transport system currently being rolled out, changes to public space as well as developments of creative nodes around the city.  Importantly the repositioning opportunity of the bid process itself is significant – with Cape Town wanting to find its own competitive niche in world economy, the bid process provides a great opportunity for collective visioning. 

The inaugural 2009 edition looked at various aspects of the central city’s extensive creative and knowledge economy. It dipped into a range of sectors – film, urban design, publishing, fashion, performance, craft, music, architecture, advertising and cultural tourism – and gave an overview of these with a uniquely Cape Town flavour.  It drew on the work and voices of dozens of leading Cape Town creatives such as Ravi Naidoo (Design Indaba). A photographic fashion feature shot by Guto Bussab placed local writers, performers and artists in iconic Cape Town spaces A stunning imaging of the ghosts of slavery in the modern city by the late Garth Stead, proposed directions for engaging creatively with difficult pasts. 

The Creative Cape Town Annual is published by Bell Roberts Publishing, who also publish Art South Africa.

5000 copies are distributed free to The Loeries Awards delegates, creatives in the city centre, government, the media, and selected others.  In addition the annual is available online on Creatice Cape Town.

For those interested in sponsoring or advertising in the annual 2011 Annual  which will focus on Research and Innovation in Design and Informatics they can contact Creative Cape Town for a rate card. 

The next annual will be released in early August 2011 with all advertising confirmed by June 2011.   Each advertiser/sponsor receives a significant batch of annuals to distribute in its own network.

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