The Cape Town Partnership joins forces with Creative Nestlings

Dillion Phiri and Lunga Mateta of Creative Nestlings

The Cape Town Partnership has announced that it will be supporting Creative Nestlings, a platform for showcasing and creating platforms for emerging local designers, artists, filmmakers and photographers and all other forms of creativity, to help support Cape Town’s future creative leaders.

According to Cape Town Partnership CEO Bulelwa Makalima-Ngewana, “The project will become a supported programme of the Partnership’s for the next 18 months with Creative Nestlings founders Dillion Phiri and Lunga Mateta-Phiri joining our staff full time.”

Creative Nestlings was founded in 2011 after Dillion identified a need for young local creatives to showcase their work. Billed as “collaborative platforms for showcasing, educating and conversations with creatives”, Creative Nestlings aims to provide an accessible means for young people aged 16 to 30 to gain better access to a career in the creative industries. “We hope Creative Nestlings will be the platform that young creatives go to with their ideas, nationally and all over the continent, both through our online platforms, as well as events, workshops and hopefully in the form of a physical spaces (Nestlings Space) where young creatives can create and make their ideas happen.”

Says Lunga, “With the backing from Cape Town Partnership, we will be able to implement more ideas and execute more projects. As the Partnership is seen as a reputable organisation, we hope to be seen in the same light. We hope to exchange knowledge and create long-lasting projects in an effort to build a more creative city. This collaboration also serves as a new platform for both our target markets as they will have access to the resources of both organisations.”

Adding value to the Creative Cape Town programme

Bulelwa confirmed that the Creative Nestlings team, while focusing on their own projects, will also bring valuable knowledge, skills and insight to Cape Town Partnership programmes, including Creative Cape Town: “We have no doubt that the Creative Nestlings team, with their wide array of project management skills, will prove to be an invaluable resource and will add value to our programmes, particularly since Creative Nestlings shares many of the same objectives of Creative Cape Town, namely to support, facilitate and develop the creative industries in Cape Town. Whereas the Creative Cape Town community members are often more established professionals, we look forward to the opportunity of supporting the efforts of Creative Nestling’s community of young, talented and yet to be established creatives. We see this as a strategic opportunity to support young creatives and entrepreneurs who will be the leaders of Cape Town’s creative industries of tomorrow.”

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Text by Ambre Nicolson. Photo by Fezile don Jack.

Image caption: Creative Nestlings founders Dillion Phiri and Lunga Mateta during a coffee break with their friend Ncumisa Makhonjwa. 

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