The Food Dialogues Report

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Launching with World Food Day 2014, The Food Dialogues Report aims to ignite a conversation around creating a healthier, more conscious and just food system in the Mother City. 


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Consumers can proactively impact the sustainability of the local food system, by not only redirecting middle-class purchasing power to the informal economy and locally grown fresh produce, but by prioritising food security when developing urban settlements. Along with the public and private sectors, we all play a part in the economy that determines the quality of food we should all have access to.

These are the themes and issues that arose in the Oranjezicht City Farm Food Dialogues series hosted in Cape Town from May to July 2014. Local science writer Leonie Joubert, author of The Hungry Season: Feeding Southern Africa’s Cities, joined the team to draw out the narratives, extract the themes expressed by the various speakers, and unpack opportunities and ideas that emerged as trends through the discussions. The draft report was workshopped with the Food Dialogues presenters, through a Cape Town Partnership Green Clusters event.

The result is The Food Dialogues Report, which we hope will inform future food dialogues, workshops and potentially a symposium on the food system in Cape Town.

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