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Join us for Open City VIII during First Thursdays

FIRST THURSDAY CALLOUT APRILThursday 2 April is the date of the next Open City and everyone is invited to get up and get involved in redefining the space and rewriting the history of Church Square during First Thursdays.

The eighth edition of the monthly Open City initiative, we are again calling for anyone who would like to present a project to pop up and join in. A community-activated event self-populated by interested citizens, Open City is coordinated by Cape Town Partnership, which is here to help with practical guidance, permits and connecting relevant stakeholders. Already confirmed events for this eighth incarnation of Open City are listed below, and there will also be the regular gathering of food trucks, games and urbanistas. Contact Didintle Ntsie with a rough outline of what you would like to do by emailing We will be updating this page as more projects are added to the programme.

Programme (updated 31 March)


A Black Woman Raised Me is a typographic stencil designed by Kenan Petersen and Pola Maneli. Everyone is invited to bring any item of clothing, tablecloth, bedding or pillowcase that they would like to adorn with the stencil. This interactive act of political personalisation is about centring our own lived experiences, in a world where there’s no shortage of conversations around the socio-economic politics of our country, generally tending to be centered around blackness’ reaction to oppressive structures and institutions.

From 7pm to 8pm Craig Makhosi from Ubuntu Bridge will be sharing some thoughts on the importance of language learning in combating racism and promoting national pride and reconciliation. He will also be performing Ndingumlungu – his “Im a white ou” kwaito hit – live as well as a few poems from his collection. Basic Xhosa lessons are also on the cards.

Lumen1From 8pm to 9pm, the Iziko Social History Centre overlooking Church Square will come to life: morphing, pulsating and lighting up with spectacular patterns and shapes. Called Digital Playground, the project is inspired by the need to transform mundane spaces into works of art, and entails videos by various artists, curated by Fabian Humphry, being displayed on the video through the process of projection mapping. To find out more about transforming mundane spaces in Cape Town, visit

rhodesmustfallA new online video series by  journalist and documentary filmmaker Yazeed Kamaldien, Hello Slaapstad, will be launched. Its first episode, Rhodes Must Fall, will be screened and shows a recent student protest at the University of Cape Town, demanding the removal of the statue of English colonialist Cecil John Rhodes. The debate continues.

Food trucks will include Didi’s Bitchin Burritos, Cape Town’s one-and-only Tex Mex tummy yummy burritos on wheels.

Draw More Club 2didibitchinburritosDraw More Club is an open space for artists and people who just like to draw. Young or old, skilled or unskilled. Everybody is welcome. The mission is to spread the drawing culture.  Contact Abdul for more information (, or download this flyer).


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