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City Walk Saturday brings festive summer fun

As the folding progressed, colourful strings of cranes were put up as decorations. (Earl Abrahams)

Despite some sneaky cloud cover creeping in over the mountain during the course of the morning, this October’s City Walk Saturday brought with it loads of summer fun.

Serving as the hub of activity, the Company’s Garden drew a curious crowd with the presence of intriguing acts and awe-inspiring performances, while restaurants and coffee shops along the rest of the route ensured that attendees remained well-fed and hydrated throughout.

Ikamva Marimba Band helped set a festive tone for the morning with their rhythmic tunes, while Owen Bravo Balancing Act had everyone gasping and cheering in equal measure with his daring tricks. Those who felt the bloom of creativity, headed on over to a patch of grass in the middle of the garden where Kyoko Morgan and the kids from Origami Africa hosted a workshop in the folding of paper cranes. A firm favourite with City Walkers, Giant Jenga encouraged enthusiastic participation and an atmosphere of friendly competition, as always.

Take a look at our gallery of images, capturing the colourful spirit of the day.

Photos by Earl Abrahams

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