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Kids @ the Centre of City Walk Saturday this November


On 19 November, we will be celebrating Universal Children’s Day with a special edition of City Walk Saturday that will be placing Kids @ the Centre.

The brainchild of Cape Town EMBRACE – a social movement aimed at closing societal divides in the Mother City – the day will be filled with interactive and fun experiences throughout the Company’s Garden, hosted by over ten different Western Cape based organisations dedicated to the promotion and wellbeing of children.

All activities have been custom-created around the theme ‘Seen. Heard. Celebrated’ by concept designer Danielle Ehrlich. The aim is to show children that they too have a place in the city and to remind the adults who care for them just how magical and important their children are.

“We want to show Cape Town what it would look like if we came together to create a child-friendly city – one that supports and nurtures all our children. Research shows that an investment in children is directly linked to economic development. But more importantly, each and every child in the city deserves to reach their life potential,” explains Julie Mentor, Project Manager at Cape Town EMBRACE.

The HCI Foundation will be providing transport for children and caregivers in Cape Town EMBRACE’s Khayelitsha, Delft and Vrygrond networks. Signs from Cape Town station will show the way for those travelling by train and all guests are encouraged to bring their own picnic blankets and refreshments.

Cape Town Free Walking Tours will also be part of the festivities with a ‘Walk for the Homeless’ initiative. All donations from the day will go to the Khulisa Solutions Streetscapes project. There will be three tours throughout the day at 11am, 2pm and 4.20pm – all departing from Greenmarket Square.



As with each City Walk Saturday, we’d like to extend an invitation to all Capetonians, not only to attend but also to take part. We love seeing ordinary citizens spontaneously sharing their creativity and, in the process, building community.

Check out the Cape Town Embrace website, and Facebook page for more details about the day.

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