PICS: First Thursday on Church Square

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2013

On  1 December, locals and visitors alike were invited to celebrate Emancipation Day, the last First Thursday of the year and the start of the festive season in one of Cape Town’s most underrated public spaces: Church Square. Here’s a visual rundown of the evening’s events. 

At 5pm on any given weekday, you will find the cobbled square – with its imposing statue of Onze Jan – awash with pedestrian traffic. Here and there someone may dawdle – even sit down for a few moments on a park bench – to make use of the free Wi-Fi. But mostly, it’s just a thoroughfare.

Last Thursday, however, Church Square became a lively space for expression, communication and community, as a number of pop-up stalls and experiences drew people to linger a little longer. From young Jeffrey Munks charming passersby with compositions of his own and rock music covers on a gorgeous Kawai RX-3 grand piano supplied by Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos, to swing dancing with Boogie Back Dance and chess lessons with Brian Qamata from Moses Mabhida Chess Club in Khayelitsha, the thoroughfare turned into a place of festivity and fun.

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Here are a few more highlights from social media:

Swing dancing in the middle of the CBD #capetown

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Dancing in the square. Why not?

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Featured image: Lisa Burnell

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