Meet Cape Town’s new carpooling platform

Jump-in Rides

It’s no secret that Cape Town has a serious traffic congestion problem. It’s also no secret that most of the people stuck in this double-daily jam are the sole occupants of their vehicles, which obviously means lift clubs are not exactly the order of the day.

While many would claim that coordinating times with neighbours and colleagues is practically impossible, there’s no arguing that this simple act of collaboration could help solve a host of traffic-related problems.

Which is why the rise of local carpooling platforms seems hugely encouraging right now. Even though most are still focused on longer distance needs – such as trips to-and-from weekend festivals – these platforms hold the promise of a far more free-flowing future.

Having launched in August 2016, JumpIn Rides is one of the newest additions to the local carpooling scene, providing a platform for drivers and passengers to connect throughout South Africa. To find out more about the fascinating phenomenon, we caught up with managing director, Pauline du Paty.

1. Can you briefly describe the JumpIn Rides concept?

JumpIn Rides is an online carpooling platform that connects drivers and passengers going the same destination on mid to long distance trips.

The ridesharing service allows users to travel safely and save money on fuel cost by sharing.

How it works:

Say for instance, a driver and a passenger are planning to go from Cape Town to George on the same day. Once they register on the platform, they can find out that both are going to the same place. So, they decide to share the ride and discuss the details of the trip through the platform.

Both save money on fuel costs and get to meet new people.

2. What inspired the idea?

I guess our biggest role model has been European unicorn start-up, BlaBlaCar, which currently has over 40 million users in more than 25 countries.

3. Do you have any sort of screening process for drivers/passengers? Or is it up to a driver/passenger’s discretion to accept a ride?

Safety is our priority. We ask users to register with Facebook and to provide their personal details, including their ID number, which is verified. In addition, every user receives a rating after the ride, therefore the reliability of each user is guaranteed.

With JumpIn Rides, the passenger can choose the driver and will have access to his/her contact details once the driver approves the booking.

4. What has the uptake been so far? Are people actually making use of the platform?

Today, we have, +41% month on month growth and 2200 registered users.

 5What do you hope to achieve within the next few months? 

 To become the leading carpooling platform in South Africa, JumpIn is actively looking to raise R2.5million to assist in scaling its business model and is open to new investors.

6. Are you currently making any money from JumpIn Rides? If so how? 

At this stage, the online platform is totally free but once we reach a big enough number of users. We will charge a commission on each ride.

7. You’ve partnered with a number of festivals and parties so far, is this the sort of market you’re looking to expand on?

Yes, we’ve partnered with several events to help simplify travel arrangements for those who might want to go, but don’t have their own vehicles. Then, we also have exclusive partnerships with universities to offer students the best solution to travel between campus and home for weekends or holidays.

Ultimately, the idea is to offer a fun and alternative means of transport by targeting every kind of person travelling from a city to another.

Check out the JumpIn Rides website or keep up to date with them on Facebook.  

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