The future of CTP: a message from the CEO

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Dear Cape Town Partnership Stakeholder

After 17 years of operation, the Cape Town Partnership is facing a future without grant-in-aid funding by the City of Cape Town.

The CTP board is in the process of reviewing the situation.

Back in the late 1990s, the Cape Town Partnership was set up as an emergency institution to address crime and grime and the accompanying urban flight from Cape Town’s CBD at the time. Early into the process, we realised that we were in for a marathon and not a sprint. Our aim was to rescue the CBD and to create a vibrant inner city – one that works for the people of Cape Town, not only for visitors.

Our current strategy, the Central City Development Strategy has always been set to conclude in 2018. Developed in collaboration with the City of Cape Town, this ten-year strategy aimed at creating a more liveable African city ran from 2008.

We are proud of the work we’ve done – as an organisation and collectively with our partners. We created a public-private partnership model for urban regeneration. This unique model places equal weight on urban management, urban regeneration and placemaking and continues to resonate with urban practitioners in South Africa and around the world. During my stint as CEO of the Cape Town Partnership, I’ve consulted with municipalities and urban renewal organisations in various parts of the country, the continent and internationally. I’ve enjoyed sharing the Partnership’s model and learnings with various audiences.

It is with absolute pride and honour that we feel that our job is done. For me personally, as CEO, I believe that the 12 years I’ve spent at the Cape Town Partnership in various roles has been worthwhile. In the past few weeks, I’ve spoken to countless former colleagues and collaborators, all of whom are proud of their association with the organisation.

The final decision on the future of the organisation will be made when the board meets next week. We will inform you of the board’s decision once it’s made. In the meantime, it’s business as usual.

For any queries, please email:

Until next time.


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