What We Do

Cape Town Partnership is a development facilitation agency focused on the mobilisation, coordination and alignment of public, private and social resources. Our mandate is to develop, manage and promote Cape Town Central City as  a leading centre for commercial, retail, residential, cultural, tourism, education, entertainment and leisure activities.

The Partnership does not duplicate or replace the role of the public sector (particularly its statutory and regulatory roles), but seeks to add value to public services and planning processes. In conjunction with a wide range of stakeholders, the Partnership acts as an initiator, coordinator, facilitator and manager of projects.

Core functions:

  • Mobilise the public and private sectors and other stakeholders around common development objectives.
  • Consolidate the Central City as the economic, social and cultural heart of the Cape Town metropolitan region.
  • Broaden access to the benefits, services and opportunities in the Central City for all the people of Cape Town.
  • Coordinate and facilitate urban regeneration programmes.
  • Guide decision-making and direct resources into solving the economic and social challenges facing the Central City.
  • Contribute to the overall economic and social development of the City of Cape Town.

Our Target Market

The Partnership specialises in working with commercial property owners, domestic and international investors, developers, financiers and managers, as well as corporate business, retailers, small businesses and informal traders.

We target members of the Cape Town public, particularly those who work, shop and reside in the Central City. In conjunction with Cape Town Tourism (CTT), we target visitors and tourists to the Central City. We further target historically excluded communities and constituencies.

Our Responsibilities

Building on our mandate, we have identified the following key areas in which we can work together with our partners to develop and promote the Central City:

  • Development facilitation
  • Quality urban management
  • Investment promotion
  • Contributing to sustainability
  • Promoting access and mobility
  • Fostering a Creative Cape Town
  • Promoting efficient use of energy
  • Public space management
  • Walking tours
  • Memorialisation
  • Social development
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