Ambre Nicolson

About Ambre Nicolson

Ambre is an urban word nerd. She believes that stories can change the world and that the future of the planet is urban. Before and after obtaining degrees in English and journalism at Rhodes University, she was a cleaner in London, a wall painter in Barcelona, a language student in Shanghai, a book researcher in New York City, a teacher in Taipei and a magazine editor in Cape Town.

She now considers it a privilege to write about Cape Town and the people who call it home.

Ambre is the editor of  Molo, the Cape Town Partnership’s free community newspaper.

Recent Posts

The connected city
Ambre Nicolson
22 March 2017

The idea of the ‘smart city’ may have lost some of its shine in recent years, but information technology is continuing to intersect with urban life in all sorts of interesting ways. The life and death of a buzzword It’s 2010; and all around the world, in municipal meeting rooms and corporate boardrooms, people are

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Telling Absences
Ambre Nicolson
26 January 2017

If cities are the sum not only of everything they accumulate in their development, but also of everything that they have lost – whether intentionally abandoned or accidentally misplaced – can we describe a public space not only by what is there, but also by what is not? Softness, greenness If we travel back further,

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Mariam’s Kitchen
30 May 2016

In celebration of the fact that you will soon be able to order your lunchtime salomie online from Mariam’s Kitchen, we trace the evolution of this Cape Town favourite.

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The Fireman’s Arms
9 May 2016

Welcome to the first in a series of stories which focus on some of our city’s most well-loved spaces.  To be clear, these are not necessarily historical landmarks, nor tourist magnets but rather those cosy nooks and crannies where generations of Capetonians have gone to find a warm meal, a hot beverage and a bit

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Five ways the performing arts boost Cape Town’s economy
3 February 2016

A flourishing performing arts scene is essential for the cultural life of any city but as recent research shows, formal arts organisations also affect the bottom line. Here are five ways local theatre, dance and music companies are supporting Cape Town’s economy. 

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BPO to the power of CPT
28 January 2016

What exactly is business process outsourcing (BPO) and why is it important for the local economy of Cape Town and the Western Cape? These days everyone is familiar with the following scenario: you buy a product or service from an American company, which has been manufactured in China and shipped to South Africa, and when

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A Cape Town institution: Atlas Spices
25 January 2016

The Atlas spice shop has been a Wale Street institution for 70 years. We discover some of the history behind this local landmark and find out why, after seven decades at 94 Wale Street, Atlas Trading Company has changed location (don’t worry, they haven’t gone far). In 1946 two brothers bought a small general dealer

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Can Cape Town become a festival city?
2 October 2015

Ambre Nicolson chats to the three participants of this year’s Creative Week exchange about their research trip to the Edinburgh Festival in August 2015.

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Resident histories of Bree Street
Ambre Nicolson
27 August 2015

How has Bree Street changed over time? We asked some long-time occupants – both business and residential – about how they came to Bree Street, and what made them stay.

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Women of Bree Street
Ambre Nicolson
7 August 2015

Cape Town Partnership community newspaper Molo interviewed some of the remarkable women who have lived and worked on Bree Street.

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