Andrew Fleming

About Andrew Fleming

Andrew Fleming is an explorer of cities, places, people, and ideas.  He travels by plane, book, bicycle, and foot to get to as many new places as possible, learning along the way about how cities are transforming the lives of people in unprecedented ways. He has seen 40 countries so far, and the list continues to grow.

Now with strategy and policy advisory firm Dalberg, Andrew was previously a researcher for the Cape Town Partnership.

Andrew tweets regularly about housing, travel, cities, people, and all things urban at @AndrewSFleming.

Recent Posts

The future of housing in Cape Town
Andrew Fleming
28 April 2015

Beyond the need to provide adequate shelter for a growing urban population, Molo: The Future City edition asked how we can think about housing in new (local) ways that help transform more than just the physical landscape of our city? Urban researcher Andrew Fleming argues that housing could re-engineer the way we think about our

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Notes from a bicycle commuter
5 March 2015

Still a nascent habit in the Cape Town central city, bike commuter Andrew Fleming shares his personal experiences and observations in a lighthearted missive to cyclists, motorists, pedestrians and building owners.

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Better off TOD
31 October 2014

The City of Cape Town has prioritised transport-orientated development with the establishment of the new Transport for Cape Town department. Cape Town Partnership senior researcher Andrew Fleming unpacks the multifarious benefits and considers the challenges.

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Low-cost housing in the CBD: yes we can!
22 October 2014

Affordable housing in Cape Town’s CBD isn’t just possible, it is something that should be actively pursued for the benefit of an integrated city and a thriving local economy, wrote Cape Town Partnership researcher Andrew Fleming in the latest edition of Ndifuna Ukwazi’s People’s Law Journal, “The Urban Land Question”.

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Private property joins the mission to build better cities
8 April 2014

In a new partnership, the South African Cities Network (SACN) and the South African Property Owners Association (SAPOA) are combining the best of their efforts to leverage the power of private property to make South African cities more sustainable and inclusive.

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Building relationships through open dialogue in Woodstock
5 December 2013

Woodstock, South Africa’s first suburb, has been at the heart of the country’s urban growth since the 1800s. Originally known as Papendorp, the area started out as a farming space and quickly grew into a dynamic community made up of people who lived and worked in Cape Town’s growing port economy.

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