Ashraf Jamal

About Ashraf Jamal

Ashraf Jamal is a Cape Town based cultural analyst. His current focus is on love in a loveless time, and empathy as a critical-yet-deferred yearning. He is the author of Art South Africa: the future present (David Philip publishers), Predicaments of Culture in South Africa (Unisa/Brill), Love Themes for the Wilderness (Kwela/Random House), Indian Ocean Studies: Social Cultural and Political Perspectives (Routledge), 100 Good Ideas Celebrating 20 Years of Democracy (Umuzi). He recently resigned as editor of Art South Africa and is otherwise battling with writing his damned novel, Pulped, in between teaching film and media studies at Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

Recent Posts

City Desired: a shared revolution
24 November 2014

While cities are the heart of our survival because they compel us to become “transboundary”, a shared revolution needs to be makeshift and informal. So said director of the Indian Institute for Human Settlements, Aromar Revi, at the Kapuscinski Lecture that formed part of the City Desired exhibition. Ashraf Jamal reflects.

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A case for error-friendly urbanism
20 October 2014

If resilience demands diversity and experimentation, we must also embrace errors. In fact, let’s engage our sprawling schizophrenic city with systems that collapse, regroup and warp, ceaselessly, writes Ashraf Jamal.

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