Didintle Ntsie

About Didintle Ntsie

Didintle Ntsie wants to live in a city where the way people use the city informs how the city is shaped. She is a co-founder and project co-ordinator of 100in1day Cape Town, the first ever African representative and winner of The Big Blog Exchange and founder of The Travelling Speech Bubble. Her work has been showcased on the Orms Connect Website as well as several interviews on The Expresso Breakfast  and Hectic9Nine.

When she’s not encouraging people to take ownership of public spaces you can find her cooking up a storm for close friends in her cosy apartment and hosting interesting discussions that are bound to leave you with some juicy questions and new ways of seeing the world around you.

Follow Didintle’s thoughts, learnings and explorations on how to take ownership of public spaces at @TheDidiness (twitter) and @TheDidiness (Instagram)

Recent Posts

Is policy what design needs?
25 November 2014

The first videos from the WDC2014 Design Policy Conference can now be viewed on Youtube. But, asks Cape Town Partnership project manager Didintle Ntsie, is design policy really what we need?

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Open city: Take ownership of public space
26 August 2014

Did you know that there is an open canvas in the middle of Cape Town waiting for your creative activation? Cape Town Partnership project manager Didintle Ntsie gives us three reasons to take back your city and use Church Square for a project or event on the next First Thursday on 4 September.

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100in1day: A citizen-driven social movement for Cape Town
21 October 2013

Didintle Ntsie is one of the newest additions to the Cape Town Partnership team, and also one of the co-founders of a citizen-driven social movement called 100in1day Cape Town. What is it all about and how can you get involved? Didintle explains.

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