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Leonie Joubert is a science writer and journalist whose books include Scorched, Boiling Point and Invaded. Her latest book is The Hungry Season: Feeding Southern Africa’s Cities. For the past decade, Leonie has focused on climate change, energy issues, biodiversity, agriculture and food security. Leonie has a Bachelor of Journalism & Media Studies from Rhodes University and a Masters in Journalism from Stellenbosch University. Find out more on her website:

Recent Posts

Nutritious food? Why money matters
30 April 2015

How much money families have for food often determines the heathiness of their diet as well as the viability of locally-grown food gardens and all their community benefits, writes Leonie Joubert in Chapter 7 of The Food Dialogues Report.

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Food ecosystem: Greening up our plates
19 February 2015

How sustainable are our diets? Leonie Joubert focuses on the environmental impact of the food Capetonians eat in chapter 4 of The Food Dialogues Report.

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The real cost of bad eating
10 February 2015

Health and nutrition can be an intimidatingly complex subject, with completely contradictory diets vying for our attention. In chapter 6 of The Food Dialogues Report, respected science writer Leonie Joubert breaks down the health challenges in a Cape Town context, including the banting movement.

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What makes food gardens fail or succeed?
30 January 2015

Urban food gardens are a vital antidote to food deserts, writes Leonie Joubert in the fifth chapter of the Food Dialogues Report. Here she discusses what it takes to make a community food garden successful.

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Food culture: A city is what it eats
20 January 2015

How do cultural perceptions and urban aspirations affect what we eat? In the second chapter of  the Food Dialogues Report, Leonie Joubert looks at Burger King’s whopping success in Cape Town, how fried foods are seen as ‘modern’, and the role food can play in empowerment and mental health.

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Food sovereignty: Politics and veggies in Cape Town
14 January 2015

Politics, land ownership and power have dramatic effects on a city’s farming and food production. Leonie Joubert explores the Cape Town context in chapter 5 of the Food Dialogue Report, which contrasts the Philippi Horticultural Area with the Oranjezicht City Farm.

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Food shopping: A guide for the flummoxed
8 January 2015

In a world where we’re often overwhelmed by so many calories but not always enough goodness, here are nutritional therapists Beatrice Rabkin and Sunette van Zyl‘s tips on how to shop for real food – as published in Chapter 6 “Health and nutrition” of The Food Dialogues Report, written by Leonie Joubert and published by Cape Town Partnership and Oranjezicht City Farm. “Eat like your life

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Food security: Why city layout matters
10 November 2014

The layout of cities has real implications for how people move around, and if you’re poor and have to travel a far distance these costs can mount very  quickly. The same applies for food, which if grown closer to cities is often cheaper. Chapter 3 of The Food Dialogues Report written by Leonie Joubert and published by Cape

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Is Cape Town fat and famished?
Leonie Joubert
1 October 2013

However food gets to the city, of equal importance is our relationship with it once it arrives. Journalist and author Leonie Joubert claims in her book The Hungry Season that cities are making us fat and sick, because when we move to the city the kind of food we eat changes. Molo features some of

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