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Lwandile Fikeni is Cape Town based writer. His work focuses on Lifestyle, Art and Culture. A film enthusiast by nature and a curious reader by circumstance.

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Bree Street then and now
11 September 2015

What used to happen where you’re standing? Take a tour of Bree Street with us, and discover how this thoroughfare has changed – and stayed the same – over the last three centuries.

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What women want from a city
8 August 2015

How can placemaking and public space interventions promote gender-sensitive urban design? A number of projects at the 15 August City Walk Saturdays will engage with these issues, in light of Women’s Month.

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5 projects making every day Mandela Day
23 July 2015

Contributing to the wellbeing of our fellow citizens, communities, city and country shouldn’t be left to one day. Here are five ways to make a positive impact – whether through time, money or creativity.

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Revisiting the slave shipwreck
22 July 2015

The São José-Paquete de Africa shipwreck recently identified off Clifton Beach is a crucial part in piecing together the history of international slave trade.

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Curator Ukhona Mlandu explains #100AfricanReads
15 July 2015

Having become an indelible part to City Walk Saturdays, the #100AfricanReads public art project is a gift that just keeps on giving. To learn more about the inspiration and evolution of the project, the Cape Town Partnership sat down with co-curator Ukhona Mlandu.

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Public power and the art of placemaking
11 June 2015

A compelling lecture by Ukhona Mlandu gives unrivaled insight into the public art debate of the past few months, and why we can’t afford to be disrupted or distracted, writes Lwandile Fikeni. Essential reading, especially if entering the African Centre for Cities public art competition.  

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Ode to the youth of Cape Town
8 June 2015

Rhodes has fallen and Cape Town’s youth have shown the country that the future is full of unimaginable possibility. As we celebrate Youth Month, Lwandile Fikeni pays tribute to our city’s greatest asset.

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5 starter packs to unlock your Africa Day celebrations
25 May 2015

Once again, African Day is upon us. We’ve put together a list to help you get started on your Africa Day celebrations. The list is by no means exhaustive of all the amazing beauty found on the continent. Use the list as a starter pack to get you curious about what Africa has to offer

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Meet the people of Company’s Garden
14 May 2015

Part of the charm of the City Walk project is uncovering the stories and communities that span the inner city of Cape Town. In anticipation of the upcoming City Walk Saturdays on 16 May, Lwandile Fikeni introduces us to the Company’s Garden microcosm.

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An insider’s guide to indie film-making in SA
5 May 2015

Jenna Bass, Nadine Cloete and Oliver Hermanus tell of the challenges and opportunities for independent South African filmmakers in a post-cinema world.

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