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About Nadia Krige

As the digital editor for Cape Town Partnership, Nadia is passionate about translating the Mother City’s people and places into stories that are both pretty to look at and enjoyable to read. She’s incurably curious and strives to turn even the most mundane activities into memorable adventures.

Recent Posts

Iziko Planetarium and Digital Dome reopens
24 May 2017

Planetariums are strangely transformative spaces. You enter, ego clenched tight and safely intact, only to leave humbled and set free from the burden of self … for a moment at least. It all starts the second you take your seat and find yourself flung backwards with no prior warning. This is, of course, followed by an

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Meet Cape Town’s new carpooling platform
19 May 2017

It’s no secret that Cape Town has a serious traffic congestion problem. It’s also no secret that most of the people stuck in this double-daily jam are the sole occupants of their vehicles, which obviously means lift clubs are not exactly the order of the day. While many would claim that coordinating times with neighbours

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Everything you need to know about Level 4 water restrictions
18 May 2017

After months of closely monitoring dam levels and encouraging Capetonians to reduce their water usage, the City of Cape Town has announced that the ongoing drought has reached crisis point and that a serious recommendation has been made to implement Level 4 water restrictions from 1 June 2017. During a talk at African Utility Week,

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FREE entry to Iziko museums
17 May 2017

On Thursday (18 May), Iziko Museums will join the global community in celebrating International Museum Day to raise awareness of these spaces as important means of cultural exchange, enrichment of cultures and development of mutual understanding, cooperation and peace among peoples. The theme for this year is ‘Museums and contested histories, saying the unspeakable’ and entrance will

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It’s a dog’s life: places for pets in the Mother City
15 May 2017

Stepping out into the street at that magical hour when the city lets out a collective end-of-the-day exhale is something of a recurring favourite moment for me. Not only does the late afternoon light take on a certain ethereal quality making the heart ache and expand all at once, it’s also the time of day

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City may instate Level 4 water restrictions
10 May 2017

With Cape Town’s dam levels now at 22% – of which only 12% is usable – and the latest consumption having jumped up to 720 million litres of collective use per day, which is 120 million litres over the target of 600 million, the City of Cape Town is considering the implementation of Level 4

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Afrikanist in Motion: Cape to Dar on public transport
5 May 2017

Capetonian photographer, Yasser Booley, recently set out on a rough and ready adventure from Cape Town to Dar es Salaam, using ONLY public transport. Supported by international engineering and design group Aurecon and local innovators Where is my Transport, his journey was all about capturing the essence of the ‘real African Union’ and showing South

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Does Cape Town really need more statues?
28 April 2017

It’s been exactly two years since colonial- and apartheid-era statues all around South Africa were left to quiver in their bronzed boots as a growing tide of anger at unchanging inequality spilled over into targeted activism. Some of the most noteworthy incidents included:   Paul Kruger in Tshwane’s Church Square receiving a coating of green

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Post-modern protests: an interplay between cyber- and public space
26 April 2017

Since time immemorial, public squares and streets have provided spaces for people to gather in solidarity – whether it be in celebration, in mourning or in protest. Earlier this month, Capetonians – along with their fellow South Africans all across the country – took to the streets en masse to raise a collective voice against

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Rise water hackathon: how gamification could save us all
19 April 2017

At the end of last month Rise – Barclays Africa’s innovation hub in Cape Town – hosted a water hackathon to help harness the power of technology, innovation and collaboration to find solutions for the Western Cape’s ongoing water crisis. With dam storage levels currently at 23.5% – more than 1% down from last week, it’s

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