Nadine Botha

About Nadine Botha

The Cape Town Partnership’s digital editor, Nadine Botha is a writer, editor, designer and poet.

Previously she worked at the Mail&Guardian, VISI magazine and Design Indaba. Born a Free State country mouse, she’s always dreamt of city life. She thought she was going to be an art historian, then converted to the pragmatism of design, became disillusioned with its opulence and landed right back on the street: the richest gallery of them all.

Her book of poetry, Ants Moving the House Millimetres, was published in 2005 by Deep South.

Recent Posts

Njabulo S Ndebele: Optimism, inclusivity & partnerships (Part 2)
28 July 2015

Maintaining the outpouring of goodwill and volunteerism around Mandela Day takes special effort. In the second part of our interview with Njabulo S Ndebele, the chairman of the Cape Town Partnership board discusses how to keep up the spirits as a good citizen and how we all play a role in making Cape Town more

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Njabulo S Ndebele: Madiba’s legacy and reflections on citizenry (Part 1)
15 July 2015

Every day should be Madiba Day in Njabulo S Ndebele’s estimation. We should be helpful, compassionate and kind every day of the year, and use Nelson Mandela’s birthday, in addition to the current activities that have become a tradition, as a day for reflection to think through the needs and work of the following year, the

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The third City Walk Saturdays turns on the winter fun
22 June 2015

A perfect winter’s day provided an open canvas to Capetonians who arrived to enjoy the third City Walk Saturdays on 20 June 2015.

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Is the African creative economy a bubble?
3 June 2015

As the Millennium Development Goals come up for review this year, so too does the notion of the “African creative economy”, argues Mike van Graan.

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Second City Walk Saturdays shines again
18 May 2015

The second City Walk Saturdays on 16 May 2015 reconfirmed that Capetonians are not only looking for a reason to enjoy their inner city on foot, but are willing to volunteer in making that a reality.

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What’s on CT’s streets in 2015
23 March 2015

From Infecting the City and First Thursdays to the Big Walk and Open Streets, we jotted down some of Cape Town’s most iconic events taking place on our city’s vibrant streets and public spaces in 2015. See you there!

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8 things the world can learn from Africa
4 March 2015

Over all of the art and design events that have clustered together during February and March in Cape Town, the most prominent universal thread was clear: Africa is rising.

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Cape Town’s new arts policy: what’s the verdict?
4 February 2015

The City of Cape Town has passed the new Arts, Culture and Creative Industries Policy. Councillor Garreth Bloor gives us the lowdown, and we ask Erica Elk, Mike van Graan, Denis Lillie, Siphiwe Ngwenya, Bryan Ramkilawan and Jonathan Garnham for their impressions.

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A park-off for pedestrians
2 February 2015

A parklet outside Gapp Architects in Longstreet continues to promote the values of pedestrianisation and taking back public space from the private automobile that Open Streets got the city buzzing with.

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Through the lens of Liani Douglas
29 January 2015

What’s happening on the street in Cape Town? Architecture and design educator Liani Douglas took one street-level photo every day in 2014. Here’s some highlights, adding to our Through the Lens series of photo essays.

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