Sibusiso Tshabalala

About Sibusiso Tshabalala

Sibusiso’s interests lies in understanding how citizen-activism and innovation can help solve the challenges faced by a post-apartheid city like Cape Town. He is always interested in learning more about urbanism and politics. Now at Quartz, Sibusiso worked previously as a Programme Coordinator at the Cape Town Partnership.

Recent Posts

The Youthful Cities Index: lessons for and from Cape Town
1 June 2015

Lagos is the top African city on the Youthful Cities Index for entrepreneurship, and Casablanca for financial services. Sibusiso Tshabalala considers what Cape Town can learn from them, and what the Index missed in Cape Town.

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8 things to do with unwanted statues and monuments
31 March 2015

Rhodes will fall, but what about all the other monuments and statues throughout the country that remind us of South Africa’s painful past? Sibusiso Tshabalala and Nadine Botha found eight creative ways to reconsider history.

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The 3 pillars of watertight cities
16 March 2015

“Water has no substitute” is the tagline for National Water Week, running from 16 to 22 March 2015. Given the looming urban water crisis, Cape Town Partnership programme coordinator Sibusiso Tshabalala investigated what would be needed to seal our cities.

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Lights out: time for a new tune
26 January 2015

While load-shedding may have everyone crying “Eskom is eishkom!”, writes programme coordinator Sibusiso Tshabalala, we can’t obfuscate our own roles in realising a sustainable, low-carbon city and country.

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Beyond 2014, beyond the divide
9 December 2014

Looking back at 20 years of democracy, Cape Town has come a long way, yet urban inequality persists. Giving a historical perspective on our progress, Cape Town Partnership programme coordinator Sibusiso Tshabalala says it’s time to replace “bridging the divide” with a bold urban rights-based approach.

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Shadows: Untold narratives of SA’s struggle
1 December 2014

Those who are in power can control the way we remember history, wrote Cape Town Partnership programme coordinator Sibusiso Tshabalala in this essay for the 2014/2015 Collector’s Edition of the Big Issue magazine.

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Show me the money: 5 ways to fund creativity
5 November 2014

For most creatives, ideas are ten a penny but turning pennies into big bucks is less obvious. Here’s a complete guide to the five key funding sources: grants, debt funding, crowdsourcing, sponsorship and business incubation. 

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What South African cities can take away from the MTBS
25 October 2014

South Africa’s new finance minister, Nhlanhla Nene has delivered his maiden Medium Term Budget Statement that, in line with international trends, emphasises a cities-orientated approach. Cape Town Partnership programme coordinator Sibusiso Tshabalala explains.

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3 myths about the climate economy
22 October 2014

The New Climate Economy Report dismisses the idea that addressing climate change and growing our economies are mutually exclusive – in particular in developing countries wanting to foster resilience, writes Cape Town Partnership programme coordinator Sibusiso Tshabalala.

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Hitch a ride for Carpool Week
6 October 2014

Kicking off the national Transport Month campaign is South Africa’s second annual Carpool Week from Monday 6 October to Friday 10 October. The new website is making it that much easier by matching commuters with empty seats in private vehicles.

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