Susan April

About Susan April

Susan graduated from UCT with a BA degree. She loves everything film, TV, literature and food but she’s most keen on writing about people and their stories.

Recent Posts

The value of Cape Town’s sacred spaces
4 May 2016

Susan April spoke to the leaders of some of the oldest congregations in Cape Town to hear their thoughts on whether the pace of development in the city centre is compromising the spaces in which people worship. As a city changes and develops over time, so do its places of worship. Cape Town’s CBD is

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Discovering District Six
19 April 2016

Susan April accompanied the operators of Cape Town Free Walking Tours to learn more about the organisation and to discover the history behind District Six for herself.

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Cape Town’s coffee shops with history
11 April 2016

Coffee culture is exploding in Cape Town. It’s hard to believe that in 1999, there were only six coffee shops in the city centre. Susan April chatted to the owners/operators of three of them. Here’s what she learned.

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