Tina-Louise Smith

About Tina-Louise Smith

Tina-Louise Smith has produced and directed documentary films, educational television programmes, and written for South African news and cultural publications. She is passionate about telling stories and creating content that will make the world a better place. She wants to live in a world where women and non-binary people can walk about without fear for their safety and where economics is not prioritised over people.

Recent Posts

Artist or entrepreneur?
1 April 2016

Over the past ten years, at least, artists have heard the strident call to learn and understand the business side of the arts. Politicians, radio programmes and celebrity business people have sung the praises of entrepreneurship – at times appearing to suggest that an entrepreneur is anyone who has an idea and works to realise that

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Watching Cape Town’s independent TV
4 March 2016

Cape Town TV’s keen independence and community focus is easily seen in the station’s attitude and show-reel. Tina-Louise Smith takes a closer look.

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