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Cape Town International Convention Centre

Cape Town International Convention Centre

The Province and City of Cape Town’s recently completed Regional Development Strategy (RDS) focuses on four key areas in the Cape economy, which it regards as essential to regional competitiveness. These are:

  1. Finance and business services
  2. Visitor economy
  3. Creative and cultural industries
  4. Symbolic institutions – including the fact that Cape Town is South Africa’s legislative capital.

The synergies and inter-relationships between these four are significant. The RDS argues that if one of these areas declines or is negatively impacted, the others will be affected. However, this inter connectivity provides many business opportunities across sectors.

  • The CCID, under mandate from the City of Cape Town ensures that the Central City is a clean and safe area to do business.
  • Public transport both to and within the Central City is currently being upgraded, and the area is becoming particularly pedestrian-friendly.
  • Public spaces are constantly upgraded to encourage visitors and locals. Museums, art galleries, bookshops and markets ensure that the Central City lives up to the “more than a mall” label.
  • The Central City has access to South Africa’s oldest working port and is the city’s sea-link to the world. Our infrastructure in terms of roads and ICT are world-class.
  • The first phase of a new fibre-optic network is being rolled out at a cost of R50 million over the next three years. This will further enhance business efficiency.
  • The Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) is a top destination for convention planners sending delegates to Africa.
  • The upgrade of the Grand Parade as a premier outdoor venue and the addition of 10 000 at the Convention Centre, the Central City will be able to host bigger and better events. Events will attract further events and more people.

The mantra of the Central City Improvement District is according to its chairman, Rob Kane, “Let’s add more people”.  More people, whether new locals or visitors, will lead to an increased need for goods and services. The time has never been better to do business in the Central City.

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