CCID Overview


Since its establishment in November 2000, the CCID has become an internationally acclaimed model of public-private partnership between property owners and businesses, supported by the City Council. The formation of the CCID was a significant event for Cape Town, because it was the first major city in South Africa to implement a fully constituted, legally bound Improvement District covering the entire core of the Central City.

What is a CID?

A City Improvement District (CID) is a precisely defined geographical area, approved by the City Council in terms of the Municipal Property Rates Act, Section 22 (Special Rates Area) and the CID bylaw – to provide complementary services in that area.

How levies are spent.

To address the stated requirements of property owners, 50% of the CCID’s annual budget is spent on security, approximately 21% on cleansing, 7% on social development and 11% on communications and marketing. The remainder of the budget goes towards operational and administrative costs of the CCID.

CCID services

Find out more about the safety and security, urban management, social development services of the Central City Improvement District on their website.

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