Central City Improvement District (CCID) Security Department joins forces with Correctional Services Department

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In what promises to become a highly constructive new collaboration, the department of Correctional Services and the CCID Security department recently formed a partnership to operate on two different levels.

The CCID will assist Correctional Services by providing logistical support to them as well as on a strategic level, by helping create opportunities to people who want to leave their lives of crime and turn their lives around.

Muneeb Hendricks, Security Manager for the CCID said with more than 200 CCID officers walking the streets of the central business district 24/7, it makes perfect sense to co-operate with Correctional Services.

We will become a force multiplier by providing logistical support to them. We will be extra eyes and ears for the department. For instance, if someone has absconded or not met their parole conditions, a photograph will be circulated to us and we will act on that information.By contributing our services, this closes the net on criminals. We will also use our data bases to help close the net further on these criminals.

We will also assist from a social development level. There are many people in the city who want to turn their lives around. They want a second chance. We try to help create opportunities for them by providing skills training programmes. We do this in collaboration with the CCID social department and a range of non-governmental organizations, says Pat Eddy, Social Development manager for the CCID.

Carpenters’Workshop met recently with officers from the Correctional Services Department to firm up the cooperation agreement.

The Correctional Services department has already started with 30 people on a programme through which they will be employed by Communicare. The 30 people will be trained in tiling, painting and plumbing. A similar project was due to start with Balco in February, which would target 20 offenders.

Praising the Correctional Services Department for these initiatives, Tasso Evangelinos, the COO of the CCID said: “The CCID wants to develop programmes which will place people ,who are on parole , who don’t want to be involved in crime, and who want to become constructive members of the community. We want to assist in creating opportunities for them.”
The partnership between CCID and Correctional Services was cemented in December when they supported each other in a security operation during one of the many raid on Senator Park.

“It is this kind of co-operation and partnership that will result in a win win situation,” Evangelinos said.

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  1. retha says

    Good morning.

    I would just like to compliment each CCID employee and thank them for their contribution to making Cape Town a safer city. At to occasions in the past month the CCID employees has made me feel safer in the City and warned me in areas where I migth be at risk. I would really like to thank all of them for all their hard work, we as Cape Townians thank them.

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