Greenmarket Square – Turning 300 years in 2010

Greenmarket Square - 300 years in 2010

Greenmarket Square was created as a marketplace for slaves and later, as the name attests, for fruit and vegetables. Its surrounding architecture is all of historical relevance: from the old Town Hall building (now an art gallery) to the Methodist Church to the fine examples of art-deco architecture. Currently the square is undergoing refurbishment at a cost of R4 million to be completed in time to celebrate the square’s 300th birthday next year. The existing granite cobblestones are being removed and cleaned while new cobblestones are being brought in to pedestrianise the entire area around the square. The cobblestones will be raised to the level of the surrounding pavements, mast lights are to be installed in each of the square’s corners and a permanent stage is being constructed above the newly refurbished public toilets.

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  1. Ed Suter writes: Greenmarket Square – Cape Town Partnership linked to this post on March 3, 2010

    [...] March 2010 Greenmarket Square will celebrate its 300-year anniversary. The square was created in 1710 and known then to the locals by the long-winded name of “the [...]

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