Central City Development Strategy

Our activities are guided by the Central City Development Strategy, or CCDS, a shared vision and workable plan for Cape Town’s Central City – borne out of a collaboration between the City of Cape Town and the Cape Town Partnership in 2008, when we joined forces to create a clear development path for our urban future, until 2018 – connected to measurable outcomes.

The Central City Development Strategy (CCDS) is essentially a vision-shaping document that encapsulates the principles that could guide Cape Town into a sustainable, economically viable, citizen-orientated future. One of the key objectives of the CCDS is to ensure that Cape Town becomes a more liveable city. Managing, activating and promoting our public space more effectively is a central pillar of that process.

Out of a series of interactive workshops, held city-wide and including participants from all sectors of the economy, local government and the private sector, the Central City Development Strategy (CCDS) emerged in 2008, with a simple vision: “In the next ten years, the Cape Town Central City will grow and greatly enhance its reputation as a dynamic business and people centre.”

Its five key outcomes were to transform the Central City into: a premier business location; a high quality sustainable urban environment; a popular destination for Capetonians and visitors; a leading centre for knowledge, innovation, creativity and culture in Africa and the South; and a crossroads that connects Capetonians to each other and to the rest of the city.

View the original CCDS workbook here.

The CCDS is a living and evolving strategic framework for the development of Cape Town’s Central City. It is currently in the process of being revised and updated – in response to a changing context and new challenges and opportunities – with a view to highlighting past achievements and prioritising key objectives towards 2018 and beyond.

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