Central City Partners Forum

Continuing  the successes of the 2010 Central City Partners Forum established in November 2008, the Cape Town Partnership has launched a series of Central City Partners Forums that aims to keep city stakeholders updated and informed about activities, developments and plans that are forthcoming in the Central City. In order to acquire vital informants to the Central City Development Strategy – a joint project initiated by the Partnership and the City of Cape Town, the Forum hopes to retain the relationships built over the past two years and to offer a space for interaction with interested and affected parties.

The 2010 World Cup allowed fast tracking of many infrastructural developments in the Central City, for example, public spaces, pedestrian routes, cycle tracks and public transport. It also helped to change attitudes with regard to walking the City, and using public spaces and public transport.

However, much more still needs to be done as the city recovers from the effects of the global recession. The aim of the Central City Partners Forum is to bring stakeholders together to assess the continuing socio-economic challenges facing our city and to find shared solutions.

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