Jetty Square


Alongside Pier Place sits another public space in the middle of the Foreshore, Jetty Square. The square is notable for its installation of ghost shark sculptures created by artist Ralph Borland using digital technology called physical computing.

The shark skeleton structures have infrared sensors in their noses which respond to pedestrians passing beneath them and swivel in accordance with the movements below. As the square on which they are located is land reclaimed from the sea , the shark sculptures pivoting above a brick work motif of swirling water seems appropriate.

With the creation of stylish bistros and coffee shops around Jetty Square and Pier Place , the Foreshore area of Cape Town is becoming an attractive middle ground between the city and the Cape Town Convention Centre, as well as being close to the hub of the city’s financial, business and publishing worlds. The nearby Convention Centre has recently opened Convention Towers, a tower of grade A office accommodation . Nearby is the Icon Building, an 18 storey mixed-use development (and Cape Town’s first 100% black empowerment development), which opened in 2007.

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