Quality Urban Management



Quality Urban Management

The Central City Improvement District (CCID) is mandated to ensure that the Central City is safe and secure, that the environment is well managed, that social issues are addressed and that the Central City is promoted. The organisation, in partnership with various NGO’s and other service providers, aims to provide the necessary complimentary cleaning, security and social development services over and above what the public sector provides.

The CCID provide these services:


Through its cleaning partner, J&M Cleaning Services, the CCID employs 63 people, who work 18 hours a day during the week to maintain the streets of the Central City, by sweeping and collecting refuse. In the past year, its team of cleaners removed about 1 800 tons of waste from the Central City streets, over and above what the City services collect. Approximately 400 tons of this waste was recycled.


CCID’s security partnership, working with the Central City’s business community, the South African Police Services and other security organisations and stakeholders, has formed a tight security net in the Central City. Due to this cooperative effort, the crime rate has dropped significantly.

The security network also plays a powerful crime prevention role. The valuable complementary services provided by the CCID security partnership ensure that additional officers are deployed in the Central City 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Currently, the CCID security component that walks the streets of Cape Town consists of:
3 dedicated CCID security managers
3 dedicated contract security managers
6 shift supervisors
6 control room officers
6 mobile units
6 mobile assistants per shift
5 bicycle squads per shift
155 foot officers
8 dedicated City law enforcement officers

Approximately 250 parking marshals, cleaning staff and members of private security companies in the Central City are in radio contact with CCID security via their control rooms, further adding to a secure environment.

Social development

The CCID social development department is primarily the link between homeless adults and children and the resources in the community. The strength of the department is manifested in our fieldwork as the CCID fieldworkers are often the first to respond to situations on the ground. We, however, need the support of other NGOs and relevant stakeholders so that we can refer homeless people to the appropriate resource in the community.  In this way our fieldworkers are able to bring about meaningful intervention and improve the circumstances of individuals in need.

The core strength of the Social development department has been the ability of the fieldworkers to build good relationships with people living on the streets and after an assessment to link them to various services in the community, thereby alleviating poverty as well as providing skills training and employment opportunities.

GiveResponsibly_logo_HRPublic Awareness and Education: Give Responsibly

One of our primary roles is one of public awareness and education around issues related to homeless people. This education needs to be directed at the general public and business, as well as the homeless people themselves.

  • We want make the public aware of street people as well as encourage all significant role-players to develop a holistic strategy for dealing with this complex and multifaceted challenge.
  • We need to encourage the street people to take pride in their city and contribute by avoiding anti-social behaviour.
  • We need to educate the public around the current perpetuation of keeping people on the streets. Alternative ways of assisting street people to find sustainable solutions through the  Give Responsibly Campaign must be found as direct handouts slow the progress to bring about meaningful change and mostly perpetuates homelessness.

The problems associated with this marginalised group of homeless people are vast but unemployment and lack of housing are amongst the most pressing challenges.

We have developed a strong partnership with the following NGOs:

Straatwerk – an NGO who employs previously homeless people and assists them in rebuilding their lives.  The people are used for special projects such as graffiti removal, removal of posters, drain cleaning and other cleaning projects;

The Carpenter Shop – an NGO that provides skills training and rehabilitation services to adult homeless people.

The Haven, Homestead and Ons Plek – provide shelter /residential care for homeless adults and children in the greater Cape Town area and strive to connect these individuals with their family and community.

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