Low Carbon Central City Strategy

Low Carbon

The Cape Town Partnership has joined forces with Sustainable Energy Africa (SEA) and the City of Cape Town to map the carbon output and energy consumption of the central city – the urban hub responsible for generating 40% of the Cape metro’s economy.

In a project funded by the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), we have worked collaboratively to project various future scenarios to help show the impacts of various behavioural and structural changes that people can make today.  Whether through reduced electricity consumption, different ways of moving around the city, or alternative ways to build office and residential spaces, this exciting project helps connect people with change to help make Cape Town a more resilient city today and into the future.

You can download the full strategy here. To be a part of implementing its recommendations, get in touch with the project team.

Download infographics informed by the strategy by clicking on the images below.

Sustainability-Infographic-Central-CIty 4-Sustainability-Future 3-Sustainability-Transport1 2-Sustainability-Electricity

Flip through the Low Carbon Central City Strategy

Project lead: Mike Purdham

People who make this work possible: Sustainable Energy Africa, City of Cape Town

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