The Fringe

The Fringe

From 2009 to 2013, the Cape Town Partnership drove an initiative in the east city, known as the Fringe, billed as a design and innovation district, and intended to help kickstart the local economy. Following on a period of retrospection and review, we’ve since decided to evolve what was the Fringe into the east city collective – a growing group of people with an interest and stake in the area – and integrating all placemaking work into the core business of the Cape Town Partnership. To read up on this history and evolution, and find out what projects we’re involved in in the area, read on.

Project lead: Mike Purdham

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Where to for the Fringe?
5 December 2013

2013 has been a year of retrospection and review for the Fringe initiative. What have we found, and what is the way forward? Read on for an update.

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Affordable housing in the central city: frequently asked questions
24 August 2013

To thrive, cities need people and people need safe and affordable places to live. It is this relationship that lies at the heart of the need for affordable housing in the central city of Cape Town.

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Shortlisted for World Design Capital 2014
1 July 2013

As part of supporting the build-up to Cape Town’s year as World Design Capital 2014, the Cape Town Partnership didn’t just encourage others to submit their big ideas and projects to be part of the official programme. We also submitted ten of our own, which we believed could add depth and breadth to the 2014

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Invitation: Comment on the Urban Design Framework for the Fringe
23 January 2013

The City of Cape Town is calling on interested parties to comment on the final draft of the Urban Design Framework for the Fringe, as part of the final round of public participation. This framework, for the core of the Cape Town Central Business District’s (CBD) east city precinct, establishes the spatial parameters for future

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Cape Town city views from Gareth Pearson
7 December 2012

Gareth Pearsonis a full-time connector of dots in Cape Town – he helps make the connection between citizens and their city, old spaces and fresh ideas, people and causes they can be passionate about. City Views’ writer Alma Viviers tries to find out why. Gareth, what do you do? After I finished studying business strategy

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