The Cape Town Partnership is host to a range of programmes which form the framework in which the organisation fulfills its mandate in helping to create a leading, sustainable centre for commercial, retail, residential, cultural, tourism, education, entertainment and leisure activities.

Our current programmes are:


Programme leader: Andrew Boraine, Chief Executive of the Cape Town Partnership

CBD pano 23 March 2010The Cape Town Central City plays an important role within the economic, environmental, social, cultural and political life of the city-region. It represents 40% of business turnover in the greater Cape Town. It is a destination for Capetonians and visitors, a place of many education and training institutions, location of important sectors of the regional economy, and the site of all three spheres of Government and the South African National Parliament. Given its significance, its success in continuing to attract investors, locals and visitors is not negotiable.

The purpose of the Central City Development Strategy (CCDS) is to inspire and to capture the public imagination about what the future of the Central City can be. The aim is to mobilise stakeholders, partners and developers around a shared vision and specific strategies, and to generate a measurable delivery plan, in order to manage development and lead change over the next 10 years. More


Programme leader: Tasso Evangelinos, COO of the Cape Town Central City Improvement District

ccid dps MBP_9373aThe Cape Town Partnership, through the CCID, is responsible for providing complementary urban management services. The CCID employs four precinct managers, who monitor the streets, buildings and public spaces in the Central City on a daily basis. They are responsible for reporting defects, problem solving, facilitating solutions and for scheduling regular follow-up meetings with the public authorities to develop urban management solutions. The CCID provides ‘top up’ security, cleansing, waste management and social development services through in-house and outsourced service providers. More


Programme leader: Terri Carter

_DSC5852Through its Public Space for Public Life programme, the Partnership aims to mobilise stakeholders to work together to develop, rejuvenate and beautify public spaces and places in the Central City. It also works to market these spaces, in a bid to encourage locals and visitors to use them in order to shift from a car-dominated to a people-centred city environment. More


Programme leader: Zayd Minty

odidi graffitibThe Creative Cape Town Programme aims to raise the profile of and help build the capacity of the Central City as a place for cultural and creative production and innovation. Creative Cape Town works to nurture and support the growth of the creative and knowledge economy. This includes the full range of creative and cultural industries, educational institutions, the developmental and non-profit sectors, as well as related organisations. The programme’s main focus is on promoting design as an important creative industry driver in the Central City and its connection to innovation, entrepreneurship and technology. More


Programme leader: Andrew Boraine

DSC_0463The Cape Town Partnership has developed an effective ‘hybrid’ form of cross-sector partnership, combining strategy and operations in a two-tier organisational form. Over the past decade it has collected a vast amount of knowledge which the organisation now shares with various organisations and individuals in the public and the private sectors. Through the establishment of a formal coaching and knowledge-sharing programme, the Partnership now assumes a more coherent “teaching” role which includes networking, training, skills tranfer, advice, mentorship; and the development of suitable knowledge materials.

Within the broader programme the Partnership is also the host of an ongoing project called Business Areas Network. Established in 2007, the BAN aims to share information and knowledge between organisations in different areas in Cape Town involved in the regeneration of the urban environment and sound urban management.

The Partnership has been part of an initiative to establish a national association called the Association of Place Management South Africa (APMSA). The concept of an Association to focus on Place Management came about when various related organisations recognised the need to set standards and to provide training to promote the industry. Such organisations include the Central Johannesburg Partnership, the Cape Town Partnership, Kagiso Urban Management and Urban Inc. The Association strives to represent and promote the Place Management Industry within South Africa, to provide training and set standards in best practice and to act as a ‘knowledge bank’ as well as provide opportunities for collaboration, networking and information-sharing between professionals and practitioners within the industry.

As part of the Partnership’s programme, the Central City Business Forum are hosted within the Cape Town Partnership. This body of public and private partners provides a network platform for business owners, investors, developers and more to exchange ideas, develop business connections and maintain connections within the broader City of Cape Town.


Programme leader: Judith Browne

_MG_4991The Partnership has learned the importance of constant communication with all partners and stakeholders, as well as the general public, and of becoming a trusted source of information in the Cape Town Central City. Taking on the roles as a translator, communicator and facilitator, the Partnership aims to keep stakeholders informed about Central City developments and to support the City of Cape Town and the Provincial Government’s efforts in the Central City through the communication of valuable information. This is done  by means of presentations, publications and electronic communication tools, the building of research-capacity and the development of new communication channels to reach the various stakeholders.

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