Quality Urban Management

Precinct managers are involved in the Urban Management of Cape Town’s Central City Improvement District.

Two maintenance staff pause on the streets of Cape Town

The precinct managers monitor the streets and public spaces in Cape Town each day and ensure that urban management solutions are developed and implemented across the CCID.

Contact the precinct manager in your area

Senior Precinct Manager Richard Beesley heads up the urban management team. (richard@capetowncid.co.za and 083 300 8328)

Precinct 2 and 3: Sarel Strydom manages the area between Orange and Riebeek streets, and between Government Avenue, Buitengracht Street Adderley Street. (sarel@capetowncid.co.za and 082 782 1408)

Precinct 1 and 4: Mmiselo Ntsime manages the area known as the East City (Precinct 4), between Adderley, Strand, lower Buitenkant, Darling up to Canterbury, up to Roeland Street, back down to Plein, turning into Spin/ Bureau and back into Adderley. Precinct 1 is the area between Table Bay Boulevard, Christiaan Barnard Street, Old Marine Drive and Riebeek Street. (mmiselo@capetowncid.co.za and 079 886 0663)

(Click through to the map of the CCID area of Cape Town and scroll over it to see the different precincts)

Frequently asked questions

Members of a road maintenance team

What is the emergencyafterhours municipal contact number? 0860 10 30 89

Who do I contact if it is not an emergency? Precinct Manager Richard Beesley at 083 300 8328

Who can I contact with questions about people living on the street?

I want to apply for a walking tour, who can I contact? Email Sue Martin (sue@capetownpartnership.co.za)

Who can I contact for issues relating to security?

For any information relating to faulty street lights, flattened trees, damage to traffic lights and signage or faulty traffic lights please call 0860 10 30 89.

More information on the CCID complementary services

A road maintenance team renews the paint markings on a city street

The precinct managers also manage the services offered by the CCID to complement municipal services, such as cleaning and landscaping services.

The CCID’s urban management services include:

  • Removal of illegal posters and graffiti
  • Street and sidewalk cleaning
  • Drain cleaning
  • Weed removal
  • Cigarette butt removal
  • General maintenance, including tree trimming
  • Road maintenance, including curbstone and pothole repair
  • Consultation with property owners and retailers
  • Kerbside parking management

    An urban maintenance team

  • Supportive interventions with the City Council
  • Development, investment and retail updates
  • Walking tours
  • Recycling and sustainable environmental projects

Cigarette Bins

The CCID has donated cigarette bins to help keep the Central City streets clean. These have been placed in areas with heavy pedestrian traffic to raise awareness of anti-littering campaigns. The bins are serviced by upliftment NGO Straatwerk each day.

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