Cape Town

Gay in Cape Town: not just a bed of roses
Skye Grove
30 June 2014

While Cape Town is marketed as a pink city and is favoured by gay travellers from the world over, the freedom to live an openly gay life still depends on which part of the city you call home.

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More complicated than beautiful
23 June 2014

Does absence make the heart grow fonder, or does distance bring perspective? Yewande Omotoso examines her relationship with the city she called home for close on two decades.

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Can new infrastructure encourage more residential diversity in the inner city?
17 June 2014

New developments totalling between R2- and 3-billion are planned for the Cape Town central city, and are set to ensure its economic longevity whilst also stimulating the city’s economic growth beyond the urban core.

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Two Capetonian childhoods
27 May 2014

“Every child has the right to basic nutrition, shelter, basic healthcare services and social services…” – Section 28 (1) (c) of the Bill of Rights

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How we should be shaping our city around our children
27 May 2014

A highlight of my daily drive into the Cape Town CBD is the sight of school children walking to their morning classes. (Tens of thousands of scholars and students come to the city centre each day, many of them travelling from township to town via public transport.) I see them, on the way to my

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Cape Town in 50 objects
Ambre Nicolson
12 May 2014

In 2011, director of the British Museum Neil MacGregor published A History of the World in 100 Objects – a challenge that greatly intrigued the creators of Molo. If we had to choose just 50 objects to show the depth and breadth of Cape Town’s history, what would they be? For the November/December 2013 edition,

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Wearing (and writing) Cape Town
14 March 2014

Band frontman, travel writer and poet, Toast Coetzer reflects on the idea of being made in Cape Town for this February 2014 edition of Molo. 

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