Cape Town

3rd Annual City Development conference sets sights on transforming African urban spaces
16 February 2017

From 13 – 15 March Cape Town will be welcoming some of the brightest minds in urban development and city planning from around the globe, as it plays host to the 3rd Annual City Development conference. Addressing the most pressing issues of city-making in Africa, the conference will be focusing on ‘urban transformation & city

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Six Weeks, Nine ways of Uncovering Cape Town
10 February 2017

Since I arrived in Cape Town almost six weeks ago as an intern, I was excited by the promise of natural beauty and prospect of a new city, but of course also nervous about the unknown. I’ve found the city to be diverse, active, delicious, and surprisingly affordable. Affordability As a student, traveller, and intern, I’m

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4 reasons to support Cape Town Carnival on 18 March
9 February 2017

It’s all hands on deck at Cape Town Carnival’s headquarters, as the team marked only 40 days till floats, dancers, artists and performers hit the Fan Walk in spectacular style for this year’s AMAZA! – Ocean Odyssey-themed event. We got to share in some of the anticipation and excitement on Wednesday during a comprehensive behind-the-scenes tour

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The “Two Africas”: American Perceptions of the Continent
3 February 2017

Joey Lyons, a Cape Town Partnership intern from Boston, looks at how the reality of Cape Town (and the rest of Africa) square up with his preconceived ideas. Will you survive the next three months? How many safaris will you go on? Will your apartment have a dirt floor? Why would you choose South Africa?

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5 ways the City of Cape Town wants to get us all on our bikes
1 February 2017

With a wealth of MTB routes crisscrossing the mountain ranges of the Western Cape and the prestigious Cape Town Cycle Tour being a highlight on the Mother City’s social calendar, it hardly comes as a surprise that recreational and sports cycling is currently at an all-time high throughout the city, the province and the country.

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Why Every City Should Have a Library of Things
30 January 2017

What if a trip to the library meant borrowing camping equipment, power tools, or toys instead of books? New library A library of things or tool library is similar to the concept of a traditional library, but you don’t borrow books, you borrow a variety of technology, equipment, or toys. So instead of buying the ladder

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What we can learn from tomatoes
27 January 2017

I’ve just returned to the office after two months away. Having been at the Cape Town Partnership for thirteen years, I am very grateful to my board for granting me this extended period to revive my energy and focus. I hope you also had a restful festive season and that you’ve entered 2017 feeling rejuvenated.

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Level 3b: Capetonians share their water-saving methods
27 January 2017

Okay, fellow Capetonians, it’s time to get serious. If you haven’t been making efforts to save water over the past few months, it’s now critical that you do. As a result of the severe drought and a repeated failure to reach the intended savings target of 800 million litres of collective water use per day,

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New tech makes a case for rural internet in Africa
18 January 2017

The economic benefits of rural internet use are far from realised in South Africa, and elsewhere on the continent. A new technology is increasing efficiencies for mobile networks, and lowering the costs of rural coverage. Opportunities given by digital money transfer service M-Pesa to safely store and manage money have lifted 2 percent of Kenyan

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