Cape Town

Why we can’t have our avo toast and eat it
23 June 2017

Nadia Krige ponders what it takes to be a property owner in Cape Town these days.

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An ode to Adderley Street
20 June 2017

What comes to mind when you think of Adderley Street? For some of us, our immediate go-to mental image may be of automotive frustration. This image of bus-filled congested morning and late afternoon traffic is often spiced-up by the additional ingredient for supreme chaos, rogue pedestrians wantonly crossing through traffic seemingly on a whim. Others

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State of the youth in Cape Town
15 June 2017

Although her people no longer face separation by ridiculous laws based on skin colour, the Mother City remains one of the most divided societies on the planet. While the wealthy 1% buy homes in the lush southern suburbs and swanky apartments along the Atlantic seaboard or in the bustling CBD, the majority live in abject

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It’s a dog’s life: places for pets in the Mother City
15 May 2017

Stepping out into the street at that magical hour when the city lets out a collective end-of-the-day exhale is something of a recurring favourite moment for me. Not only does the late afternoon light take on a certain ethereal quality making the heart ache and expand all at once, it’s also the time of day

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City may instate Level 4 water restrictions
10 May 2017

With Cape Town’s dam levels now at 22% – of which only 12% is usable – and the latest consumption having jumped up to 720 million litres of collective use per day, which is 120 million litres over the target of 600 million, the City of Cape Town is considering the implementation of Level 4

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Does Cape Town really need more statues?
28 April 2017

It’s been exactly two years since colonial- and apartheid-era statues all around South Africa were left to quiver in their bronzed boots as a growing tide of anger at unchanging inequality spilled over into targeted activism. Some of the most noteworthy incidents included:   Paul Kruger in Tshwane’s Church Square receiving a coating of green

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13 first-time investor questions the Property Buyer Show will answer
5 April 2017

Thinking of buying your first home? Looking to invest in residential property as an alternative income stream? Not sure where to start or who to ask? The first ever Property Buyer Show, taking place on 8 and 9 April at the CTICC, is your one-stop shop for answers. “Prospective first-time buyers and investors will have

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Local apps, sites and maps to help navigate your daily commutes
5 April 2017

Whether it’s avoiding traffic or working out the best public transport option for your route to work, there’s sure to be an app that will help make your daily commute just a little easier. We checked out seven that could be particularly useful for navigating Cape Town’s streets. Where is my Transport – Taxis Minibus

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For the love of public libraries: 5 interesting facts
22 March 2017

If you haven’t visited your local library for a while, now’s the time to go! From 18 – 26 March, South African Library Week (SALW) will be taking place across the country to celebrate the important role libraries still play in a democratic society. While this may seem odd, as so many of us may

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