Cape Town

A peek behind the scenes at Iziko’s Social History Centre
21 September 2016

If you’ve ever stepped into a museum and felt completely blown away by the diverse display, you’ll probably be equal parts delighted and devastated when we let you in on a little secret: this is just the very tip of the iceberg. Yup. Behind every good museum display lies a burgeoning archive of carefully catalogued

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The Street Store – celebrating 500th edition where it all began
20 September 2016

On Sunday, 25 September, the sidewalk outside the Salesian Institute in Green Point will be transformed once more into a bustling marketplace, as The Street Store returns to celebrate its 500th edition. Since the rent-free, premises-free, no-charge pop-up clothing store for the homeless was founded here in January 2014, the concept has sparked a wave

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12 treasures to look out for along the City Walk
14 September 2016

After a few months of hibernation, the City Walk will be coming to life once more on Saturday, 17 September. Returning to its roots as a storytelling route, the latest instalment of City Walk Saturdays will feature a host of pop-up events, stores and games. However, did you know that the City Walk route has

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Come share your story at City Walk Saturday this September
13 September 2016

On Saturday 17 September, City Walk will be returning to its roots as a storytelling route. The Company’s Garden will form the hub of activities with Nal’ibali hosting a special edition Story Bosso where they will have awesome prizes up for grabs for the winning storytellers. Indulge in some childlike fun and challenge a friend

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Run the Mother City this summer
8 September 2016

With summer creeping ever closer, Cape Town is slowly but surely starting to resurface from its annual winter slumber, inviting everyone to come out and play. Of course, this may mean different things to different people, but if you’re feeling inspired to get fit and tone up before beach season starts, why not revisit running?

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3 ways to start your own urban garden
5 September 2016

Spring is in the air and the world’s a-bloom, fresh green leaves sprouting and unfurling as we speak. A season of new life, indeed, and the perfect time to kick start those lofty dreams of cultivating a luscious, green city home. Fortunately, urban gardening is a growing trend (pun intended) that can be practiced in

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Safe in the city?
8 August 2016

Because a city cannot be truly welcoming unless all people feel safe there, Kaylon Koeries chatted with women in Cape Town to gauge their perceptions of safety in the Mother City.

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City Walk Saturdays celebrates Africa
23 May 2016

Sunshine, smiles and laughter were all over the city during the May edition of City Walk Saturdays. We celebrated the continent and embraced Africa in unconventional ways, in celebration of Africa Month. From aerobics to documentaries to jazz, the day was a decidedly different commemoration of what makes us African.

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Twins Cartoon
25 February 2016

Egyptian artists and identical twins Mohamed and Haitham El-seht operate under the pseudonym of Twins Cartoon. The accomplished comic book artists were speakers at the recent Design Indaba 2016 Conference. The El-seht twins are more than just comic artists, with workshop facilitators, art instructors and creative artists also being applicable titles. The twins have founded

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