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This day in Cape Town history
18 February 2015

What happened today? In particular, what happened today in Cape Town? Starting with the South African History Online website, we are compiling a comprehensive diary of events that have shaped our city and country’s history. What have we missed? Post in the comments below or email

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6 benefits of Cape Town’s open data policy
9 February 2015

The City of Cape Town is making data sets available for analysis via their Open Data portal and over time, analysts predict, it will result in a more responsive, adaptive and agile administration, among other benefits writes Alan Cameron.

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Through the lens of Liani Douglas
29 January 2015

What’s happening on the street in Cape Town? Architecture and design educator Liani Douglas took one street-level photo every day in 2014. Here’s some highlights, adding to our Through the Lens series of photo essays.

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Making art in Cape Town
Ambre Nicolson
25 January 2015

Haroon Gunn-Salie, on how Cape Town made him an artist, and how he makes art in Cape Town, as told to Ambre Nicolson in the December 2014 Molo: Picture Imperfect City.

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Food sovereignty: Politics and veggies in Cape Town
14 January 2015

Politics, land ownership and power have dramatic effects on a city’s farming and food production. Leonie Joubert explores the Cape Town context in chapter 5 of the Food Dialogue Report, which contrasts the Philippi Horticultural Area with the Oranjezicht City Farm.

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Making the Mother City home: Thandi Dlamini
29 October 2014

Thandi Dlamini left Swaziland in 1994 to begin a 20-year journey towards becoming a nephrologist, or kidney specialist. In the August 2014 edition of Molo, she reflected on Cape Town, the city that’s shaped her professionally and personally, just before she returned home to set up her country’s first dialysis unit.

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How to: Make the UDZ work for you
30 September 2014

The Urban Development Zone incentive can accelerate inclusive growth in the central city, and has applications for both residents and developers. We break it down for you here.  

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Walk the yellow line
29 September 2014

How can ordinary people participate in the development of the city? In the first of a series of columns, urban activist Kirsten Wilkins opens a dialogue about tactical urbanism and citizen-led experiments that can make us engage with our environment differently.

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Density’s promise for Cape Town
29 September 2014

What needs to change for Cape Town to move from a closed city that is limited by apartheid planning, to an open city catalysed by the benefits of densification? Dr Michelle Provoost, a director at the International New Town Institute, has published a detailed report on the findings of the Density Syndicate. 

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