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Local apps, sites and maps to help navigate your daily commutes
5 April 2017

Whether it’s avoiding traffic or working out the best public transport option for your route to work, there’s sure to be an app that will help make your daily commute just a little easier. We checked out seven that could be particularly useful for navigating Cape Town’s streets. Where is my Transport – Taxis Minibus

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For the love of public libraries: 5 interesting facts
22 March 2017

If you haven’t visited your local library for a while, now’s the time to go! From 18 – 26 March, South African Library Week (SALW) will be taking place across the country to celebrate the important role libraries still play in a democratic society. While this may seem odd, as so many of us may

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The connected city
Ambre Nicolson
22 March 2017

The idea of the ‘smart city’ may have lost some of its shine in recent years, but information technology is continuing to intersect with urban life in all sorts of interesting ways. The life and death of a buzzword It’s 2010; and all around the world, in municipal meeting rooms and corporate boardrooms, people are

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AMAZA! Cape Town Carnival 2017 in pics
20 March 2017

Thousands of spectators were treated to a dazzling music, dance and costume parade, as the Cape Town Carnival wended its way along the Green Point Fan Walk on Saturday, 18 March. The theme for this year’s extravaganza was AMAZA! Ocean Odyssey and saw participants shimmer and shine in the brilliant colours of the underwater world.

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5 thought-provoking presentations from the 3rd Annual City Development conference
17 March 2017

Pressing issues facing the making of cities in Africa came to the fore this week as delegates from both the private and the public sector gathered at the 3rd Annual City Development conference, held at 15 on Orange in Cape Town. Running over three days, the conference focused on three main themes – ‘urban transformation

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The new right to the city
16 March 2017

I recently spent a month in the rural Eastern Cape, for our annual family holiday. On my return to the office, colleagues enthused about how rested I looked, how relaxed I seemed. “Must have been the lack of internet access,” one of them concluded. “Actually, the connectivity where we were is very strong,” I countered.

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6 glimpses into the future of Cape Town’s Foreshore
8 March 2017

An eyesore. An impediment. A huge mistake. An unfortunate icon.

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What happens when there’s no water left?
28 February 2017

Water. The one topic that seems to be on every Capetonian’s lips right now. And it’s hardly surprising – between naming and shaming those who do not comply with Level 3B restrictions, the daily tally of how many days we have till our dams run dry entirely and hourly reminders in the media of just how dire the

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Documenting our commutes – the OpenStreets Travel Diaries challenge
24 February 2017

In an effort to establish a realistic reflection of the current state of movement and mobility in Cape Town, the team behind Open Streets recently invited people from all corners of the city to participate in a 7-day AtoB Travel Diary Challenge. Equipped with a pocket-sized logbook provided by Open Streets, each participant had to

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