Company's Garden

Rooting for history
22 July 2014

The City of Cape Town has restored part of the popular Company’s Garden to its original purpose of vegetable, fruit and herb patch. The idea is to raise awareness around food security, promote urban agriculture and provide an educational springboard for learners and citizens.                        

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Heritage Week 2013: Reclaiming, restoring and celebrating our living heritage
18 September 2013

What do you have planned for Heritage Day in Cape Town (24 September 2013)? Whatever you do, be sure to visit the Company’s Garden for events and activations all aimed at ‘reclaiming, restoring and celebrating our living heritage’, courtesy of Iziko Museums, the Department of Arts and Culture and stakeholders in and around the Company’s

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What museums can mean to us and Cape Town
6 March 2013

Iziko Museums of South Africa’s CEO Rooksana Omar – who has been in her position just over two years – tells why museums matter and which spaces inspire her in Cape Town. City Views‘ Ambre Nicolson spoke to her.

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A family talks about living in Cape Town's central city
5 March 2013

A young family traded in their life in their “forever” home in Johannesburg for an opportunity to lead a simpler life in Cape Town’s central city. Almost a year later, they’ve settled into a more public life of beaches, parks and public spaces. 

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Cape Town: A city of contrasts
14 December 2012

To celebrate our city’ diversity, we paired some very different urban experiences for you to try over the summer months.

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Switching on of festive lights moves to Grand Parade
20 November 2012

Cape Town’s largest open-air event, the official switching on of the festive season lights, is to move from Adderley Street to the Grand Parade, and you’re invited.

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Time travel: Take yourself on a history tour of Cape Town
9 May 2012

Cape Town is home many histories and cultural treasures. We asked SAHO (South African History Online) to curate six great spots for exploring  our city’s heritage.

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Strategic partnership enhances safety of CBD’s Company’s Garden
4 May 2012

The Company’s Garden, the oldest garden in South Africa and arguably one of the country’s top tourist attractions, is now under enhanced security.

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What’s a kid to do in Cape Town City Bowl?
10 April 2012

Cape Town’s central city may be the economic heartbeat of the region and the design and nightlife capital of the country, but what does that mean if you’re two bricks and a half-penny high? Where do kids go to get entertained and educated, asks City Views? 

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