Housing: Change by Design
28 May 2015

How can inner city urban regeneration be reimagined as a process that brings about more equitable and democratic city development in Cape Town? Cape Town Partnership project manager Zarina Nteta reflects on the recent workshop held in Woodstock.

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Surfacing a City of Lives
13 March 2015

The City of Lives project during Infecting the City gave 100 students the opportunity to explore how temporary public art interventions can surface the urban narratives of people in the heart of Cape Town.

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8 things the world can learn from Africa
4 March 2015

Over all of the art and design events that have clustered together during February and March in Cape Town, the most prominent universal thread was clear: Africa is rising.

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Is policy what design needs?
25 November 2014

The first videos from the WDC2014 Design Policy Conference can now be viewed on Youtube. But, asks Cape Town Partnership project manager Didintle Ntsie, is design policy really what we need?

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Creative tension in the East City
26 September 2014

The exploratory art projects by the District Six Museum community and Michaelis Fine Art School students in and around Harrington Square during Creative Week 2014 reflect the unpredictability and negotiation that goes into reshaping a city, writes Rory Williams.

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Rediscovering our Shared Humanity: Infecting the City 2014
27 May 2014

Central Cape Town was alive with music, colour and unexpected encounters during the Infecting the City Public Arts Festival, presented by the Africa Centre, from the 10-15 March. We mused over the role of public art in bringing together the people of our brittle and ever-changing city.

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Design Storming 2013: Complex development challenges are best solved together
4 September 2013

As part of Open Design Cape Town – an annual celebration of design and design thinking that launched in the city from 21-31 August 2013 – the Cape Town Partnership, Cape Town Design Network and the Social Justice Coalition came together to host a two-day design-oriented workshop focused on early childhood development: a Design Storm.

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From Berlin to Cape Town: talking about cities with Luyanda and Uli Mpahlwa
30 May 2013

Cape Town is where husband-and-wife architecture team Luyanda and Uli Mpahlwa have chosen to live, work and raise their two sons. We asked them about their journey to the Mother City and how they think it could become more family friendly.

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Stop waiting, start making: Lessons in liveability from Jeanne van Heeswijk
2 April 2013

Based in Rotterdam, Jeanne van Heeswijk is a visual artist who creates situations in public places to provoke interactions between members of the public. These provocations include talking to trees, arranging fashion marches and baking bread, but all are aimed at setting up opportunities for new encounters and dialogue – in a way is finely tuned

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