What’s on CT’s streets in 2015
23 March 2015

From Infecting the City and First Thursdays to the Big Walk and Open Streets, we jotted down some of Cape Town’s most iconic events taking place on our city’s vibrant streets and public spaces in 2015. See you there!

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8 things the world can learn from Africa
4 March 2015

Over all of the art and design events that have clustered together during February and March in Cape Town, the most prominent universal thread was clear: Africa is rising.

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What does freedom sound like? City Hall Sessions, on stage and behind the scenes
2 May 2013

What does freedom sound like? If you were at the sixth instalment of City Hall Sessions in Cape Town on Saturday 27 April 2013 – the day South Africa celebrated the first post-apartheid elections 19 years ago – you would’ve heard Paul Hanmer, McCoy Mrubata, Amaryoni and the Moreira Project in concert. And perhaps, through

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What Design (Indaba) can mean to Cape Town
3 March 2013

Beyond the visitor numbers and the related economic contribution; beyond the educational and reputational value of the core event, Design Indaba is an interesting case study in how design events can actively engage in making Cape Town a more liveable city.

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Summer celebrations: What to do in Cape Town this festive season
13 December 2012

Wondering what to do about town during the summer of 2012? Schedule these events in your calendar.

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High-profile writers attend Cape Town Book Fair
2 August 2010

High-profile writers and social commentators, including Wole Soyinka, Desmond Tutu, Mamphele Ramphele, cartoonist Zapiro and Chris van Wyk have enthralled book lovers at the Cape Town Book Fair.

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Book Fair Launches Learning Havens
2 August 2010

Last week, Lwando October (15), of Monwabisi  Park in Khayelitsha, needed pictures for a school project. He had to dash across a dangerously busy road, then walk for half an hour to the public library in Harare, because there is no library in the informal settlement where he lives.

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Ubuntu Festival – Harnessing the “gees” of the World Cup
14 July 2010

The Ubuntu Festival – which runs from Friday 16 – 18 July – will, once again, in the spirit of Nelson Mandela, aim to promote unity in Cape Town.

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Capture Your World Cup Moment in the Central City
9 June 2010

Take part in our ‘Capture Your World Cup Moment In the Central City’ photographic competition to mark City Views’ 2010 FIFA World Cup souvenir edition.

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