Greenmarket Square

People from near and far
25 August 2014

What does it mean to call yourself a Capetonian? In the August 2014 edition of Molo, we traced the many waves of immigration that have given Cape Town its multicultural character.

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Cape Town markets to make your mouth water
27 February 2012

Markets predate malls – and if their resurgence is anything to go by – will long outlive them too. And Cape Town’s market culture is thriving.

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Free Wi-Fi internet set to further enhance bustling Greenmarket Square precinct
30 April 2010

For an initial six months only, Capetonians can enjoy free wireless internet at South Africa’s oldest public space, Greenmarket Square. In a unique collaboration between Cape Town Partnership and Skyrove, the premium Wi-Fi hotspot provider, locals will now have access to 10MB’s of free internet daily.

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For Arts’ Sake – Are you Willing to Run with Scissors?
21 April 2010

A group of artists – and anyone willing to promote Art and the Arts – will take part in a fun flash mob event called Running with Scissors next Wednesday (21 April) at 1pm. The group will run with scissors from Greenmarket Square to Parliament to celebrate Art and to show solidarity with the Arts.

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Jazz Concert helps celebrate the past and future of Greenmarket Square
7 April 2010

Capetonians proved that their city is a place of relaxed togetherness as they rocked to the rhythm of some of the world’s best jazz sounds at the EspAFRIKA Free Community Concert on Greenmarket Square on Thursday April 1.

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Greenmarket Square 300 years old
3 March 2010

Ed Suter writes: Greenmarket Square, the second oldest public square in the country, has different associations for everyone in this city.

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Creating meeting places in public space
16 November 2009

While the need for public spaces to enable a city’s residents to meet, their children to run free and its visionaries to be able to sit on a park bench and day dream, has never been doubted by forward-thinking urban planners, the role of the public space was questioned by one of the world’s leading

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Greenmarket Square – Turning 300 years in 2010
16 November 2009

Greenmarket Square was created as a marketplace for slaves and later, as the name attests, for fruit and vegetables.

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More than 7500 at Free Community Jazz Concert on Greenmarket Square
2 April 2009

2 April 2009, Cape Town There was an excited buzz in the air last night (1 April) as Greenmarket Square put her best foot forward for the prelude to the greatest annual jazz celebration in Cape Town. The Free Community Jazz Concert, jointly organised by the Cape Town International Jazz Festival, the Cape Town Partnership

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