Notes from a bicycle commuter
5 March 2015

Still a nascent habit in the Cape Town central city, bike commuter Andrew Fleming shares his personal experiences and observations in a lighthearted missive to cyclists, motorists, pedestrians and building owners.

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4 steps to a more cycling-friendly Cape Town
2 March 2015

With the Cape Town Cycle Tour coming up on Sunday 9 March, two-wheel fever is high in the Mother City. Yet, cycling is so much more than a sport: it’s a way of life; it’s in the veins of sustainable cities. Stephanie Katz explores what Cape Town needs to enjoy the ride.

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Women have a right to safe public transport
27 November 2014

 In light of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence from 25 November to 10 December, Cape Town Partnership project manager Zarina Nteta considers why gender-sensitive transport strategies are essential not only for the basic safety, dignity and equality of women, but also to ensure inclusive growth in our emerging economies.

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Gardens Skate Park: roll with it
26 August 2014

An unprecedented project by the City of Cape Town, the new Gardens Skate Park has not only revitalised a derelict vacant space under a bridge, but is a significant step in redressing the historically exclusionary attitude towards skateboarders.

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State of the Central City: Clean, safe, inclusive and open for business
14 September 2012

The first annual State of the Central City Report affirms Cape Town as a premier destination for work and play.

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MyCiTi leads the way for special needs passengers
11 July 2012

MyCiTi is leading the way internationally on universal access, which includes access for the disabled, the elderly, young children, passengers with large suitcases, surfboards or prams, pregnant women and even women travelling alone at night.

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Nine-metre MyCiTi buses roll off Epping production line
1 June 2012

MyCiTi is helping to boost local industry and create jobs, as the first buses for the upcoming Central City services roll off the production line at the Busmark factory in Epping.

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MyCiTi turns one, offers a day of free bus rides
24 May 2012

The City of Cape Town invites all Capetonians to try out the MyCiTi bus for free on Sunday 27 May 2012 as part of the anniversary of the system’s first birthday.

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Commuter use of MyCiTi keeps climbing
21 November 2011

Increasing numbers of Cape Town’s commuters are climbing aboard the MyCiTi public transport system, since its launch in May 2010 1.7 million passenger journeys have been made.

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