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7 thought-provoking awareness campaigns in public spaces
18 April 2017

Living in a world where the average human brain is loaded with about 34GB of data daily, it’s hardly surprising that most of us feel somewhat saturated. Especially when it comes to screen time. I mean, have you ever read a heart-wrenching story online only to find the faint flutter of empathy you felt a

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Beating loneliness with the art of serendipitous urban design
13 October 2016

Serendipitous design. Sounds like a bit of a contradiction, doesn’t it? However, a recent Tedx Talk by instructional designer, Jamie Littlefield, shed some light on the way in which creative initiatives by ordinary urban citizens could indeed become catalysts for happy accidents, which in turn, may help forge fast friendships and long-lasting camaraderie between unlikely

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12 treasures to look out for along the City Walk
14 September 2016

After a few months of hibernation, the City Walk will be coming to life once more on Saturday, 17 September. Returning to its roots as a storytelling route, the latest instalment of City Walk Saturdays will feature a host of pop-up events, stores and games. However, did you know that the City Walk route has

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3 ways to start your own urban garden
5 September 2016

Spring is in the air and the world’s a-bloom, fresh green leaves sprouting and unfurling as we speak. A season of new life, indeed, and the perfect time to kick start those lofty dreams of cultivating a luscious, green city home. Fortunately, urban gardening is a growing trend (pun intended) that can be practiced in

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Benchmark: Safe public spaces for citizens to connect
15 March 2016

What’s better than sitting on a sunny bench in the city centre, people-watching? Doing the same, just this time, connected to free Wi-Fi. Welcome to Cape Town’s first Isabelo Smart Bench.

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Open Streets brightens Bree
18 January 2016

Bree Street was bustling on Sunday 17 January 2016, as Open Streets transformed the road into a public space for the day, opening up new possibilities for pedestrians to enjoy the area, despite the 36-degree heat. Once more Cape Town CBD’s showed the way as people from all walks of life, from the city and further afield,

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Regent Road pop-up park
15 January 2016

A temporary parklet has been erected for public enjoyment in Regent Road. The project, a collaboration between Blok, Future Cape Town, GAPP Architects and Cameron Barnes Furniture, was created in order to understand how to define public space in an existing urban environment. A parklet is a public amenity accessible to all, at any time. It is essentially a

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Bree is the place to be this Sunday
15 January 2016

This Sunday, 17 January 2016, will see Bree Street once again animated with pedestrians as the road is closed to cars and dotted with activities, art and fun for the family. After last year’s massive success, Open Streets will once again transform Bree Street into a pedestrian utopia. With no vehicles occupying the street, there

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Using public space to bridge divides
13 January 2016

In her January 2016 Cape Times column, Bulelwa Makalima-Ngewana discusses how meeting each other in the country’s public spaces can help to bridge deep-seated divisions in South Africa’s society. From December 29, we’d begin the debate: where to go for our annual New Year’s Day trip to the beach. I’d want to go to Port

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