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Run the Mother City this summer
8 September 2016

With summer creeping ever closer, Cape Town is slowly but surely starting to resurface from its annual winter slumber, inviting everyone to come out and play. Of course, this may mean different things to different people, but if you’re feeling inspired to get fit and tone up before beach season starts, why not revisit running?

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3 ways to start your own urban garden
5 September 2016

Spring is in the air and the world’s a-bloom, fresh green leaves sprouting and unfurling as we speak. A season of new life, indeed, and the perfect time to kick start those lofty dreams of cultivating a luscious, green city home. Fortunately, urban gardening is a growing trend (pun intended) that can be practiced in

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Why activism matters when designing public space
16 May 2016

Craig Adams reports on a May event honouring Jane Jacobs’ 100th  birthday, during which four active citizens came together to discuss various ways that they are helping to co-create the future of Cape Town.

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The streets: our place capital
29 October 2014

Bulelwa Makalima-Ngewana considers why our streets need to become multipurpose, liveable destinations rather than thoroughfares in her fortnightly Cape Times column this week.

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Paint the town pink
24 October 2014

Here’s a good news story from India about how women took back the safety and equity of public spaces. In the second of her Contested Spaces series, urban designer Kirsten Wilkins reflects on the perceived fear of sexual violence.

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Open Streets: A lesson in owning public spaces
30 May 2013

In just one week since Open Streets took place in Lower Main Road, Observatory on Africa Day, nearly 400 pictures have been shared on the Open Streets Facebook page, multiple blog posts have been published and every major newspaper in Cape Town has covered the event in some way.

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Africa Day 2013: Opportunities to be an active citizen
24 May 2013

On 25 May, the world celebrates Africa Day. In Cape Town, the day sees a new wave of citizen activism taking hold in the Mother City, with civil society reclaiming the right to cultural production, to public spaces and the right to express themselves and their creativity.

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What does freedom sound like? City Hall Sessions, on stage and behind the scenes
2 May 2013

What does freedom sound like? If you were at the sixth instalment of City Hall Sessions in Cape Town on Saturday 27 April 2013 – the day South Africa celebrated the first post-apartheid elections 19 years ago – you would’ve heard Paul Hanmer, McCoy Mrubata, Amaryoni and the Moreira Project in concert. And perhaps, through

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Serendipity in the city: A City Views cover story
11 December 2012

Cities and serendipity are somehow synonymous: There’s something about the diversity that cities bring together in dense areas that makes them the perfect place to come across something extraordinary or surprising completely by accident. This is also what makes our urban environment rich hunting ground for photography, an art form that relies a great deal

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