Rise water hackathon: how gamification could save us all
19 April 2017

At the end of last month Rise – Barclays Africa’s innovation hub in Cape Town – hosted a water hackathon to help harness the power of technology, innovation and collaboration to find solutions for the Western Cape’s ongoing water crisis. With dam storage levels currently at 23.5% – more than 1% down from last week, it’s

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Conversations at Cape Town's water features
1 July 2013

City Views hung out at some of the water features dotted across the Mother City to talk to Capetonians about their unique relationship with water. From favourite watering holes and surf spots to the effect of water on people’s daily lives – here’s what they had to say and click on the images to view the

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How will climate change affect Cape Town's coastlines?
19 June 2013

As a city, Cape Town is embraced by 300km of coastline. This precious natural resource is an essential part of our city’s past and its identity today, but it is also highly vulnerable to the effects of global warming and rising sea levels. Gregg Oelofse, conservation biologist, surfer and head of environmental policy and strategy

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What opening Sea Point Promenade to bikes and boards can mean to Cape Town
28 February 2013

What impact has allowing cyclists, skateboarders and rollerbladers onto the Sea Point promenade had?

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Reclaim Camissa – the place of sweet waters
1 October 2009

Reclaim Camissa proposes a stewardship for the Table Valley’s water resource to ensure that people are able to enjoy the right to safe and sufficient water and that this water source remains in good ecological health.

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