Youth Day in Cape Town
15 June 2017

Our new American intern Kim Davis learned about Youth Day and what it means to be young in Cape Town today.

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State of the youth in Cape Town
15 June 2017

Although her people no longer face separation by ridiculous laws based on skin colour, the Mother City remains one of the most divided societies on the planet. While the wealthy 1% buy homes in the lush southern suburbs and swanky apartments along the Atlantic seaboard or in the bustling CBD, the majority live in abject

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Rediscovering the peninsula on a wild goose chase
2 June 2017

In an effort to reacquaint ourselves with our Cape Town Big 7 partners and, simultaneously, introduce them to some of the Mother City’s top hotel concierges and booking agents, we recently joined The Gallivanting Goose for a two-day, Amazing Race-style adventure across the peninsula.

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Terri Carter has left the building, but not the city
26 May 2017

For the past 17 years, Terri Carter has put in countless hours of hard work and perspiration to help improve Cape Town. She tells the story that she was initially willing to help out at the Cape Town Partnership (CTP) for a couple of months, until her consultancy got on its feet. Now, almost two

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Iziko Planetarium and Digital Dome reopens
24 May 2017

Planetariums are strangely transformative spaces. You enter, ego clenched tight and safely intact, only to leave humbled and set free from the burden of self … for a moment at least. It all starts the second you take your seat and find yourself flung backwards with no prior warning. This is, of course, followed by an

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FREE entry to Iziko museums
17 May 2017

On Thursday (18 May), Iziko Museums will join the global community in celebrating International Museum Day to raise awareness of these spaces as important means of cultural exchange, enrichment of cultures and development of mutual understanding, cooperation and peace among peoples. The theme for this year is ‘Museums and contested histories, saying the unspeakable’ and entrance will

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It’s a dog’s life: places for pets in the Mother City
15 May 2017

Stepping out into the street at that magical hour when the city lets out a collective end-of-the-day exhale is something of a recurring favourite moment for me. Not only does the late afternoon light take on a certain ethereal quality making the heart ache and expand all at once, it’s also the time of day

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Address a problem?
24 March 2017

Defining your exact location can be a tricky business. Canal Walk Shopping Centre, for example, has one address but many entrances, and what about places without addresses? How do we know where to send aid packages in war-torn areas where streets have been destroyed? How do people in rural areas with little to no infrastructure

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For the love of public libraries: 5 interesting facts
22 March 2017

If you haven’t visited your local library for a while, now’s the time to go! From 18 – 26 March, South African Library Week (SALW) will be taking place across the country to celebrate the important role libraries still play in a democratic society. While this may seem odd, as so many of us may

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