Economic development

The new right to the city
16 March 2017

I recently spent a month in the rural Eastern Cape, for our annual family holiday. On my return to the office, colleagues enthused about how rested I looked, how relaxed I seemed. “Must have been the lack of internet access,” one of them concluded. “Actually, the connectivity where we were is very strong,” I countered.

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#Datamustfall: Can cheaper wireless networks bridge SA’s digital divide?
9 March 2017

In South Africa, smartphone penetration is about 40%, and only 5.3% of the population have internet access via fibre or ADSL. Getting online using wireless technology and Wi-Fi is much cheaper than mobile data – so why aren’t more people doing it? Refined by the free market, each technology connecting users is contextually appropriate to

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SA needs more fibre to compete in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
20 February 2017

How is the fibre optic sector helping South Africa compete as a knowledge economy, asks Alan Cameron.

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8 urban development trends for 2017
4 January 2017

With 50% of the global population currently living in urban areas, and a projected 1.5 times rise to 6 billion city-dwellers by 2045, there’s no denying that investing in thorough, thoughtful and sustainable urban design is absolutely crucial. Designing the sorts of urban spaces that will, essentially, improve the quality of life for citizens requires

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#DataMustFall: Ideas to help Internet adoption in SA
19 December 2016

It’s no debate that access to the internet can increase economic opportunities. In 2009 already, the World Bank found that low- to middle-income economies can grow by 1.3% for every 10% of the population who have access to broadband internet. Internet use is slowly increasing in South Africa, and Africa, as internet-enabled mobile phones become more common. Of

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Users love Church Square’s free public Wi-Fi
14 November 2016

It was early in 2015 when free public Wi-Fi first started to be broadcast in Church Square, Cape Town. Now, two years later, it’s so busy at lunch time that you can’t find an open bench, writes Alan Cameron.

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Doing transit-oriented development in Cape Town, Joburg and Addis
11 November 2016

Cities function better when opportunities are convenient to access and developing land close to public transport is key to this. Alan Cameron takes a look at how this is happening in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Addis Ababa.

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Three Marriott International hotels for Cape Town foreshore
7 October 2016

Within in the next twelve to 24 months, Capetonians can expect a dramatic change in the city’s seaside skyline, as the development of residential and hotel properties in the Foreshore come to fruition. Three years after announcing their acquisition of Protea Hotels in 2013, Marriott International, Inc. is finally entering the South African hospitality landscape

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Little actions that bring people together
14 September 2016

As the CEO of a grant funded organisation, a non-profit, I am often challenged to validate the importance of placemaking programmes and allied activities in a country characterised by staggering inequality, high unemployment and poverty. These issues are of vital importance and require consistent intervention by civil society and the public and private sectors. Placemaking

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